5 Things to Deep Clean

Under The Sink

<img data-full-img-src=”http://www.housetuff.net/images/201609/0c0dc790a3189666c74fee528c5a966482527ed5.jpg” title=”Under The Sink” data-caption=”Under The Sink” src=”http://atmedia.imgix.net/0c0dc790a3189666c74fee528c5a966482527ed5?w=160&h=160&fit=crop” />

<img data-full-img-src=”http://atmedia.imgix.net/64ec509b494d977731567891e0a095d98465baf2?w=800&fit=max” title=”The Filter On Your Range Hood” data-caption=”The Filter On Your Range Hood” src=”http://atmedia.imgix.net/64ec509b494d977731567891e0a095d98465baf2?w=160&h=160&fit=crop” />

<img data-full-img-src=”http://atmedia.imgix.net/d7bf46aafa17e353e03ca4132122a6e62890420d?w=800&fit=max” title=”Your Oven Racks” data-caption=”Your Oven Racks” src=”http://atmedia.imgix.net/d7bf46aafa17e353e03ca4132122a6e62890420d?w=160&h=160&fit=crop” />

<img data-full-img-src=”http://atmedia.imgix.net/e7739d275ede26c44265d0a41a081fd21bbae108?w=800&fit=max” title=”The Oven Itself” data-caption=”The Oven Itself” src=”http://atmedia.imgix.net/e7739d275ede26c44265d0a41a081fd21bbae108?w=160&h=160&fit=crop” />

<img data-full-img-src=”http://atmedia.imgix.net/1c2b5bddd92eb2781040c9bd9bf639e125be90e8?w=800&fit=max” title=” The Freezer ” data-caption=” The Freezer ” src=”http://atmedia.imgix.net/1c2b5bddd92eb2781040c9bd9bf639e125be90e8?w=160&h=160&fit=crop” />

I hate cleaning (shh, don’t tell anyone), especially when there are a million other things to do, so in these slower days around the holidays, I’ll happily deep clean a things that only need to be done a few times a year. And guess what? It means I won’t have to think about them again until I’m wearing flip flops in Chicago.

  1. Under The Sink: Although we tidy as we go through the year, sometimes you have to pull everything out, weasel back in there and rescue that stray roll of paper towels, mop up the… well we’re not really sure what spilled, and condense up all the dish soap you’ve accumulated in recent months!
  2. The Filter On Your Range Hood: It’s greasy, it’s gross and in general, we like to pretend it doesn’t exist. Like flesh colored jeggings. But, a few times a year it’s time to give them the business and clean up their act!
  3. Your Oven Racks: Did you know your oven racks like a soak in the tub as much as you do? Your kids will be ecstatic when you tell them that there’s no bath time tonight because you’re busy doing super important things.
  4. The Oven Itself: It’s hard a hard season with all that holiday baking and turkey roasting. Give it scrub with some natural ingredients that will clean her up right.
  5. The Freezer: Sure, it’s probably loaded with zip top bags of frozen soup and assorted grab-and-go meals, but there’s no time like the present to make things a little nicer inside your chill chest! Seriously, it’s a thing!

What do you do a few times a year? Do you hand-scrub your kitchen floor? Wipe down cabinet fronts? Dust behind your refrigerator? Share your “I’m glad I only do this twice a year chores,” below!