5 Tips to make sure refrigerator’s our number-one sidekick in the kitchen

The refrigerator is a modern marvel that is hard to imagine life without. It makes our kitchen, and therefore ourselves, happy and healthy, so it’s only fair that we keep it happy and healthy in return. Here are five simple things we can do to make sure it’s our number-one sidekick in the kitchen.

1. Organize a weekly clean-out.
Before you go out for your big grocery shopping run for the week, take a few minutes to assess what you already have in the fridge. Toss anything that’s gone bad and take note of what you have good stock of. That way you can stay on top of keeping your refrigerator organized.

2. Scrub it down now and then.
Beyond keep organizing your refrigerator, it’s equally important to keep it nice and clean. While you don’t have to pull out the soap and sponge weekly, do take time every month or so to wipe down the shelves and pull out the drawers and wash them too. A sparkling fridge is a joy to look at and makes you feel good every time you open it to survey what you’ll cook next.

3. Buy it a freestanding thermometer.
The ideal temperature range for the refrigerator is 35°F to 38°F. While yours may come with its own built-in thermometer, it might not always be accurate. An inexpensive, freestanding thermometer will give you a more precise reading. In addition, if the power goes out, it will still display the temperature so you’ll know whether the food inside is safe to eat.

4. Make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible.
Your refrigerator shouldn’t have to work harder than it needs to. By doing simple things like pulling it away from the wall and vacuuming behind it, checking the door’s seal, and making sure food is cooled before tucking it away, your fridge can work efficiently and thus live a longer life.

5. Utilize its crisper drawers.
Those crisper drawers really want to help you out, so let them! Learn how to use their humidity controls to set them up properly for use and then learn which produce should go in each depending on the setting. That way those greens won’t wilt as fast.