8 Organizing Projects to Tackle In the Big Snow Storm

You’ve watched everything you possibly could on Netflix and drunk all the hot cocoa, and now you’re starting to feel a bit stir-crazy. Why not put that energy to good use and tackle those organizing projects you’ve been putting off?

There’s nowhere to go, so just do it. Here are a few good ideas for where to start.c

1. The Junk Drawer

Start by emptying the entire drawer. Take everything out. Toss old receipts, old keys that unlock nothing , and business cards you don’t need.

Next, gather all like things and put them in separate containers. You do not need to buy special organizers — any spare plastic storage containers, paper boxes, and plastic bags can get the job done.

2. The Pantry

It can get cluttered so quickly! The most crucial thing you can do here? Make sure everything that needs to be used first is in the front. If you only feel like doing one pantry-related task, this is it. This way, you won’t waste money by letting ingredients expire.

3. Under the Kitchen Sink

Most people function under the following principle: The less you look underneath the sink, the better. Go through and, at the very least, line up all those bottles of cleaning products you’ve invariably amassed, and put your go-to cleaners up front.

4. The Fridge and Freezer

Put on a hat and scarf — it’s time to tackle the coldest parts of the house. Yes, it’s cold outside, but you’ve been drinking hot chocolate and sitting under a blanket all morning. But now it’s time to wipe down the shelves, get rid of expired ingredients, and put things back in an accessible order.

5. Your Bag Collection

Almost every house in America has a cabinet or closet full of plastic bags. For starters, you probably won’t ever need this many plastic bags (consider bringing reusable totes to the grocery store from now on!). You probably also have a ton of totes and reusable paper bags. Organize them now, too.You could also probably benefit from organizing them. Find the largest bag you have and put all the other bags in it.

6. Your Plastic Containers

That lid that doesn’t have a matching bottom? It’s time to let it go. Pull out every container you have (that’s currently not in use) and make sure every piece has a match. When you’re done, don’t just shove them back into a cabinet. Instead, consider one of these methods to keep them in order.

7. All Those Pot Lids

Despite being designed to fit together neatly, pots and pans are almost always a hot mess in the cabinets. Once you start stacking pots together, there’s basically nowhere for the lids to go! Use this time to make a neat and tidy home for all your cookware pieces.

8. Your Spices

It’s not hard to amass a giant collection of spices. Cumin? Turmeric? Cinnamon? Yup, you’ve got all those — and about 43 other jars. But how many are more than a year old? And how many are doubles or even triples? You’ll be amazed at how much less space you need once you weed out and consolidate all your seasonings.