Are you ready for this Christmas?

Fresh towels and bed linen, a fridge that can handle Christmas and freshly brewed coffee for the morning after. Are you guest-ready this festive season?

Use it to:

add missed items like socks to the wash mid-cycle with the AddWash door
prepare bed linen and towels in advance with its large 8kg drum. Find out what machine capacity is right for you
help remove spilled wine or gravy from your guests’ clothing with its great stain removal
launder your clothes fast with quick-filling drum and shorter rinse times
check on your laundry from your phone with Smart Control

Get the fridge stocked up

You’ll have plenty of room for all your foodie treats with this Samsung RB37J5330SA fridge-freezer

Christmas is all about the food. Whether you’re planning roast turkey with all the trimmings, a cocktail party packed with delicious nibbles or both.

For when they arrive

Guests incoming? Make sure they’ve got a clean bed, fresh towels and that there’s plenty of food in…

Have fresh bed linen and towels aplenty

Have your loved ones travelled far? If they’ve been stuck in a car all day, they’ll probably be looking forward to freshening up – and sleeping in a fresh bed.

Stay one step ahead with a large-capacity washing machine like this Samsung AddWash WW80K6414QW

Use it to:

store loads of food – with 269 litres of fridge space and 98 litres in the freezer
enjoy larger internal capacity thanks to SpaceMax technology that uses slim designed wall ducts without compromising on external dimensions
maximise space in a small kitchen with its slim, 2-metre-tall design
keep meat and fish fresh in the special chiller compartment
enjoy consistent temperature throughout and quiet running with the Digital Inverter Compressor
chill groceries quickly when unloading the weekly shop with fast chill
match chilling levels to what’s in your fridge to save energy
forget about defrosting – it’s a frost-free model

Offer them a cuppa

After a long drive battling the Christmas traffic, it’s nice to greet your guests with a soothing cup of tea. Have a brew ready for when they arrive with the Breville Curve VKT017 Jug Kettle

Use it to:

knock up a decent cuppa in next to no time with the rapid boiling feature
keep your kitchen looking stylish thanks to the on-trend curvy design
fill up with exactly the water you need using the accurate water level

Cooking them dinner

Your guests arrive on Christmas Eve, and with a huge day of cooking coming the following day, you want to make them something that’s super-tasty but hassle-free.

The right oven can help make your mealtimes easier. Take the Neff Slide and Hide built-in oven

Use it to:

slide the door beneath the oven base when you open it to maximise kitchen space
grill food as well as bake and roast with the multi-function oven
cook with the fan oven or standard oven
pre-heat the oven fast and be sure of an accurate temperatur
spend less time scrubbing with innovative auto-clean – use the pyrolytic setting to absorb and burn away fat spills

The morning after

Bleary heads seeking coffee, conversation and a fruit-packed energy boost…

Make them a coffee

After a night of celebrating you’ll want a coffee machine that can whip up drinks effortlessly – whether that’s a capsule or bean-to-cup maker depends on your preference…

What’s a capsule coffee machine?

Capsule machines are convenient to use and free of any mess. Storing the coffee in sealed pods keeps it extra-fresh and makes for a smooth espresso every time.

For a coffee that’s spot on every time, you need the KitchenAid Artisan Nespresso Aeroccino 3

Use it to:

enjoy one of the 24 different varieties of coffee available with Nespresso capsules
make perfect brews in 30 seconds thanks to the super-quick heat-up time
whip up barista-style drinks using the professional milk frother

What’s a bean-to-cup machine?

Catering for coffee snobs? You may prefer the aroma of freshly ground beans with a bean-to-cup machine. These are also easy to use – simply pour the beans into the machine and it’ll grind and dispense the right amount for your drink.

Use it to:

keep noise to a minimum at the breakfast table thanks to its silent grinder
customise the strength, size and temperature of coffee to each guest’s tastes
make great milky cappuccinos with its milk frother
We love the DeLonghi Magnifica S ECAM

Make a sore-head-soothing smoothie

A freshly blitzed fruit smoothie is a great way of perking up your guests after a night of celebrating. A fruit smoothie will raise blood sugar levels to give everyone a much-needed boost. Serve it with protein-rich scrambled eggs and you’re the prefect host.

Powerful and easy to set up, it’s no wonder smoothie and juice fans love the NutriBullet

Use it to:

make excellent smoothies with crushed ice or cream
crush nuts, seeds and oats
extract nutrients from whole fruit and veg
Another great extraction-type bullet blender is the Nutri Ninja BL 480

Don’t waste time washing up

Don’t leave your guests alone while you disappear into the kitchen for hours of cleaning. Let a dishwasher do the dirty work while you talk about old times and new with your guests.

Use it to:

fit in all your dishes with 13 place settings – 1 more than the usual 12 on a full-size dishwasher
use less water than you would filling up a sink (6.5 litres per cycle)
keep on top of the pots during Christmas dinner with a quick-wash program is 50% faster
find room for your roasting tins and pans with foldable racks