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There is not one perfect broom that works for everything, but there are some elemental features that you want to look for when you are shopping for one.  These will include strong bristles, durable design, sturdy handles and much more.  Our pick, Evriholder FURemover Broom, fits all these requirements and more.

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  • We loved the design and rubber bristles that enabled this broom to handle all kinds of sweeping jobs from the garage to the bathroom.

    Winner: Evriholder FURemover Broom
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    Introduction to the Brooms

    Brooms are used in many ways around homes, workshops, garages and businesses of all kinds. There are many different types of brooms available, each designed for a specific job.

    Most brooms have long handles, with the exception of a whisk broom, and a collection of bristles of some kind that have been fastened into the handle. Bristles can be made from a variety of materials and should be a consideration when you are researching the many kinds available.

    You will find at least one broom in almost every home. More often than not, you will find a few different kinds of brooms in a home, especially if there is a garage or workshop. If you are looking for a broom there are a few things you will want to take into consideration that will make the selection process much easier.

    The first step in purchasing the right broom is determining what your needs are. There are several things you can ask yourself that will help you narrow down the choices so you are not wasting time. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand how to determine your needs and what to look for when you start shopping for the right broom for your home or business.

    Top Ranked Brooms

    Evriholder FURemover Broom

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    This unique broom can take the place of several brooms due to all of the jobs it can handle. The 100% natural rubber bristles are soft and can be used wet or dry. The durable design is long lasting and features a telescoping handle that can go from 32” to 60”. The FURemover broom is hygienic and completely washable as well.

    Use this special broom on tile, linoleum, shower floors, carpet, hardwood floors, windows, garage floors and much more. The patented design is made to handle all kinds of jobs and eliminate the need to buy several different brooms.

    Use this broom to remove dirt, hair, dust and dirt from a variety of surface including clothing and furniture too in addition to the surfaces listed above. If you are looking for a reliable broom that will help you quickly and efficiently clean up all kinds of messes, the FURemover by Evriholder is for you.

    O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom With Dust Pan

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    O-Cedar is a very well known name in cleaning products. This Angler broom with dust pan provides you with a sturdy tool for cleaning up those messes on the floor.

    This Angler broom features two kinds of bristles; grey bristles that are very soft to collect hair and finely ground dust and black, firm bristles that will help pick up larger dirt that is on the floor.

    The sleek, angled broom head makes it simple to get dirt out of hard to reach areas such as under cabinets and in corners. The bristles are made from plastic material that has been recycled.

    The design of the flare tip bristles can pick up more dust and dirt while sweeping than many other types of brooms which means less work for you.

    The O-Cedar Angler broom comes with a convenient dust pan that attaches to the broom handle for super easy storage. Take care of your entire household’s sweeping needs with a durable, long lasting and thorough broom and dust pan set from O-Cedar; a brand that has proven itself as a manufacturer of quality cleaning supplies.

    OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

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    OXO is another well known name in kitchen and cleaning supplies. This Good Grips Sweep Set features an extendable brook that goes from a smaller broom to a full sized brook with one quick twist. The full-sized broom head is great for sweeping large areas and features flagged bristles that work well over large surface areas.

    The feathered, soft texture of the bristles grabs dirt and dust easily, getting your floor clean efficiently. When not extended, the broom works well for sweeping piles into the dust pan.

    The dustpan that is part of this set has convenient teeth tht comb the dirt out of the broom and features a flexible edge that conforms to the floor surfaces you are sweeping so you don’t just sweep dirt and dust underneath the dustpan.

    The broom can lock into the dustpan for easy storage and the dustpan can be locked into the open position for effortless dumping of the dirt and dust you have collected.

    The pole is made of lightweight aluminum and has non-slip grips that are easy to work with even when your hands are damp. This broom and dustpan set is the perfect addition to any cleaning supply collection and makes quick work of any sweeping job you may have around the kitchen or garage.

    Brooms Summary

    With all of the different varieties of brooms on the market it may feel overwhelming to choose one style for your needs. Some types of brooms are better suited for areas like the kitchen and hallway and other areas that have hardwood or tile floors. Other brooms are better for heavy duty jobs like sweeping garages, commercial businesses and workshops.

    The three different broom choices we have featured above are all top rated brooms that are consumer favorites. Their design, style and construction make them easy to use and very effective for taking care of all kinds of sweeping jobs.

    If none of the top rated choices are what you had in mind, read the buyer’s guide below so you can learn even more about the different types of brooms that are available. This information will help you sort through the different varieties so you can make an informed choice that will serve your needs in the best way possible.

    Broom Comparison

    The comparison data is being compiled and will be posted shortly.

    Broom Buyers Guide

    There are several things you want to consider when determining what your broom needs are. These considerations will help you choose the right broom for the types of jobs you will be using it for. We have listed these considerations below.

    • What types of sweeping jobs will you be doing on a regular basis? –  are you looking for a broom that can be used to sweep your kitchen floors on a daily basis, or are you looking for the perfect workshop broom? The surfaces and areas you will be sweeping play a big part in what type of broom will be the best for those needs.
    • What kind of surfaces will you be sweeping? – Do you need a broom that works well on hardwood floors, tile and linoleum or are you going to be sweeping concrete floors on a regular basis? The surface you are sweeping is an important element in choosing the right broom.
    • Are there hard to reach areas and corners to sweep? – Some brooms are just not suited to taking care of hard to reach spots and corners.  Angled brooms are much better at taking care of these difficult areas.
    • What type of debris are you sweeping up? – Light dust and dirt like what you would find in a kitchen is different than the type of debris that you would sweep up in a workshop or garage. Take into consideration what type of dirt and debris you will be sweeping up so you get a broom that can handle that type of debris.

    Types of Brooms

    There are many different kinds of brooms on the market to choose from.  We have listed many different types of brooms below along with some information about each of them so you can easily tell the differences and decide which one or ones fit your needs the best.

    • Electric Broom – An electric broom looks a lot like a small upright vacuum. Some can convert to a handheld vacuum as well. Electric brooms are easy to use and have rechargeable batteries.
    • Corn Broom – Corn brooms used to be the main type of broom available. They are made from 100% broom corn or a fiber blend that is made from mixed corn.  They are usually fairly stiff bristles and are used to sweep walkways, sidewalks, barn isles, garage floors and workshop floors. 

      They are also good at removing wet debris as well and dry out easily. Corn brooms are cut straight across the bottom and can handle rough surfaces with no problem.  As they become more worn they can lose some of their stiffness and shed as well.

    • Angled Broom – Angled brooms are used in places that a heavy-duty broom can potentially damage such as tile, marble, wood and other surfaces that can be scratched. The bristles used for angled brooms are much softer than t he heavy duty brooms and are a lot less likely to damage any surface it is used on.

      Their angled design makes them the perfect choice for taking care of corners and underneath cabinets or other hard to reach areas.  Angled brooms come in a variety of styles and sizes, some being cut into a severe angle which makes corners even easier. 

      Angled brooms are popular choices for taking care of indoor sweeping jobs in your home that a vacuum cleaner isn’t suited for.

    • Push Broom – Push brooms are most often seen in workshops, garages, and commercial establishments such as schools, office buildings, grocery stores and department stores.

      They are designed to handle large areas and usually have a large sweeping head that can measure anywhere from 12” to 24”.  Push brooms can handle heavy duty jobs such as sweeping wet or dry debris, leaves, wood shavings and much more. The bristles of a push broom can be made of stiff bristles or soft bristles. 

      Some push brooms may even have natural rubber bristles.  Push brooms are not designed only for outdoor or heavy use.  You can get smaller push brooms that are great for hardwood or tile floors. These indoor push brooms typically have softer bristles.

      Push brooms are very easy to use and involve a pushing motion rather than pulling like traditional brooms have.  Even kids can use a push broom to clean up the workshop or other area but they are not designed for corners or hard to reach areas so you will need to use a different kind of broom for these areas.

    Specialty Brooms

    There are several types of outdoor brooms that are purchased for various commercial and personal sweeping jobs.  These specialty brooms include:

    • Vehicle brooms
    • Barn brooms
    • Concrete finishing brooms
    • Deck brooms
    • Patio/garage brooms
    • Street brooms

    Types of Bristles

    There are two main types of bristles that you will see on the majority of brooms.

    Unflagged Bristles – Brooms with unflagged bristles have bristles that are straight with no frayed ends.  They are longer than flagged bristles and are well suited for sweeping up large debris and open areas.

    Flagged Bristles – Flagged bristles will have frayed ends that help collect small dust and dirt particles. They are often used in kitchens and other indoor areas of the home.

    Bristle Material

    • Polypropylene Bristles – Poly bristles are resistant to solvents, bacteria growth, acids, water, oils and fungus. They are well suited for medium to heavy sweeping jobs and offer resistant to breakage and damage from abrasions.  Poly bristles will not absorb any odors and will not get discolored or stain either.  They are perfect for wet or dry sweeping jobs and can be used indoors or outdoors.
    • Polystyrene Bristles – These are very similar to polypropylene bristles. They are flexible and very good for sweeping corners. They are resistant to breakage and can withstand solvents, oils, water and acids. These are best suited for fine floor sweeping.
    • Natural Corn Fibers – Natural corn fiber bristles are made of corn straw that has been hewn and tightly bound. They are the perfect choice for sweeping areas that have fine dirt and dust. Natural corn fiber bristles are very durable.
    • Synthetic Corn Bristles – These man-made X-shaped bristles are great for sweeping entry mats and carpets, indoor/outdoor carpet areas and other areas. They are liquid resistant and can handle high temperatures as well of up to 225 degrees F. They are also chemical resistant, making them a good choice for garages and commercial cleaning businesses.
    • Tampico Fibers – These fibers are made from the stem of a Mexican plant called the Mexican Agave. The fibers of this plant are medium texture and are perfect for sweeping semi-smooth surfaces or dry sweeping.  They are heat resistant and chemical resistant too.


    Brooms are a necessity in your home or workshop or garage to help clean the floors or various debris, dust and dirt. With all of the different varieties and styles on the market it can be difficult to choose one unless you have the right information.

    Once you have determined your needs you can take the information in this guide and use it to sort through the different varieties available so you can choose the perfect broom for your sweeping needs. Most people have at least two different kinds of brooms in their homes, one to handle indoor cleaning jobs and one to handle heavy-duty outdoor jobs.

    However many brooms you decide to choose, make sure you complete the most important step in purchasing a broom and that is to know what your specific needs are. This will help guide you in your research and purchases regardless of whether you are purchasing one broom or several different kinds to cover all the types of sweeping you need done.

    Don’t forget to take a closer look at the three top rated broom choices we have featured above. All three are excellent quality brooms that will help you get the job done right.