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Introduction to the Canopies

Canopy beds have been popular for centuries and were used in the 1800s and even earlier and indicated luxury and affluence. Over the years it became much more common and canopies started showing up in regular homes, most often for little girls’ rooms.

A canopy attaches above the bed or crib and has the same style as the traditional canopies that used to be mounted on frames. The fabric on these canopies is lightweight and airy and don’t block ventilation or air flow. They are also good at filtering the daylight that may come in through the windows or the room light so the girl has a little haven in which to sleep.

Canopies are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. They should be chosen based on the size and type of your girl’s bed and the color scheme of the room and the design elements you are looking to add.

Top Ranked Canopies

Purple Chiffon Furbelow Princess Bed Canopy

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This full size bed canopy measures 27” at the hoop and goes 8 feet down.

This flowy, beautiful canopy fits almost any bed no matter what size it is.

The pretty purple shades are soothing and very princess-y yet it works perfectly for a teen or college girl’s room too.

The fabric is sheer faux chiffon furbelow.

This canopy is the perfect way to give new life to a child’s room or to transition from baby to girl or girl to teen.

It fits all sizes of beds, installs easily, cleans easily (hand wash gently and line dry) and is very affordable too.

Add matching bedding and colorful purple pillows and she will have a room she never wants to leave.

Princess Canopy By Sid Trading

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If you girl loves all things girly and feminine, she will flip over this beautiful pink flowing canopy.

It is perfect for little girls all the way to college age girls.

It is made from 100% polyester and fits all sized beds with no problem.

It is recommended to be dry cleaned.  This is the perfect way to give your daughter a truly special room that she can enjoy being in.

The Princess Canopy fits over any bed and measures 27” at the hoop.

The pink sheers are gathered together at the top with darker pink accents and glittery fabric.

If your little girl is young, she will love the princess feel that this canopy adds to the room.  If she is a teen, don’t worry. If she loves sparkly, girly things, she is going to love this.

Girls Hanging Bed Canopy

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Any one of these pretty colors will look great in your little girl’s room right over her crib or regular bed.

The excellent material is durable and long lasting as well as high quality.

There are three pieces in this set: one purple, one pink and one blue so she can choose different ones each week or use all three in her room; one over her bed, one in a reading nook area and one for play.

The long sheers are attached to a loop which measures about 16” in diameter at the top and opens to 256” at the bottom.

Girls of all ages will love these canopies.

All you need is one hook and you’re all set. Set up is super simple.

These sheer canopies can be gently hand washed and hung on the line to dry.  They are made from 100% polyester.

Canopies Summary

Canopies are an excellent way to add a real sense of elegance to your child’s room. With all of the different colors available, it’s easy to choose one that fits your daughter’s personality.  These canopies are so flowy and soft that she will love the private get away feeling it will give her room especially when she is sitting on her bed.

The flowing fabric is billowy and provides a calming and relaxing effect whenever they are in their bed.  It is the perfect way to create a beautiful, peaceful sleep space that exudes rest and soothing vibes.

Continue reading below to learn more specifics about canopies and how to choose the right one for your child’s room in our buyer’s guide.  The guide will give you valuable information on canopies and how to choose the one that will be just perfect for your daughter’s preferences, regardless of her age.

The right information makes sorting through all the choices much simpler. Knowledge about canopies can make the whole process run very smoothly.  Using this guide before you purchase a canopy will prevent you from wasting money on one that doesn’t give you the look you and your daughter want.

Compare: The 10 Best Rated Canopies

Canopy Comparison Table
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 6th Place 7th Place 8th Place 9th Place 10th Place



Heart to Heart


Four Corner


Best Choice



Magic Cabin
Color Purple
/ Pink
/ White
/ White
/ Blue
/ Purple
Pink Purple
/ Pink
/ White
White Pink Blue Pink Blue
Material Chiffon Polyester Polyester Synthetic Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester,
84H Polyester
492.12 x 98.43 x 25.60 492.12 x 98.43 x 25.60 16 x 98 x  256 23.63 x 120.13 x 22.10 39 x 74 x 96 23.63 x  104.13 x 22.90 26 x 96 x 22.20 33 x 8 x 22 16 x 104 x 21.10 96.7 x 73.1 x 24.2
17.6 19.2 27.2 15.2 32 8.8 12 9.6 8 30.4
12 12 3 12 12 24 24 12 24 12


Canopy Buyers Guide

Basic Info

Bed canopies are available in a large assortment of different colors, styles, materials and even lengths. Because there are so many choices, it makes it difficult to choose one, but it also means that there is sure to be something you will love in all those different choices.

As beautiful as canopies are, there is a right way and a wrong way to hang them up and use them. We will go over the canopy safety guidelines farther down in the guide.

Types of Bed Canopies

There are several different types of canopies to choose from.  When you are looking for the perfect one for your child’s room, it is helpful to understand the differences between them.

  • Mounted on the Ceiling – The most common type of canopy is the ceiling mounted variety. It mounts to the ceiling, securely, directly over the bed using secure hardware that won’t come out and cause the canopy to fall down on top of the bed.
  • Mounted on the Wall – If you have the bed against the wall or you would rather not hang the canopy from the ceiling, a canopy mounted to the wall could be the style that works for you.  They give the same effect that the ceiling mounted styles do except they are attached above the  on the wall.
  • Attached to the headboard – This type of canopy attached directly to the bed via tall posts on each end. This type will not work on a bed that doesn’t have the poster bed style posts on the ends because there would be nothing to attach it to.

Advantages of using Canopies

There are several advantages to using a canopy. We have outlined many of the advantages that people have cited when using a canopy.

  • They are very affordable and offer parents the ability to add a new decorating element at very little cost.
  • They are easy to install and take down if you move
  • They can be replaced easily if you want a different color
  • They are easily washed
  • They add vibrancy to the room and can be adapted to the personality of the girl later on
  • They block some of the light that can enter the bed and provide a more restful sleep without blocking ventilation and air flow.

Choosing the Best Canopy

The considerations we have listed below will help steer you in the right direction in terms of choosing the right canopy for your child’s room. These points listed will help make the whole process much easier.

  • Get the Right Size – Before you start looking for a canopy, you will want to measure the bed so you will know what sized canopy to look for and research. It is important that the canopy you get fits the bed as accurately as possible so there is no room for potential problems or dangers. Most canopies fit a variety of bed sizes.
  • Quality is Important – If the material is too thick on the canopy, it will block the airflow and cause the area inside the circle of the canopy to be stagnant and stuffy. You want to find material that is light, airy, and that promotes excellent ventilation.
  • Match the Canopy to the Décor – Chances are the canopy is one of the last items you will put up as a finishing touch. For this reason, it will be easy to choose a canopy that matches the other color themes present in the room. If your daughter is doing a complete overhaul of her room, you can purchase accent items that match the canopy.
  • Budget – Canopies vary in price, but overall they are NOT an expensive piece of décor and that is one of the things that parents love about them. They look expensive and even provide a luxurious feel to the room at a small cost that fits every budget.
  • Easy to Install – If you’re not the handy type you will want to make sure that the canopy you choose is easy to install even for someone who may not be very handy. Proper installation is very important for the safety of your child.  Most canopies have mounting hardware of some kind but there are some that simply hang from a hook that has been screwed into the ceiling.

Safety Tips for Canopies

Safety checks are an important part of installing any new piece of furniture or décor item.  Canopies are beautiful additions to the room but they can pose a hazard if they are not put up correctly.  We have listed some helpful safety tips that will ensure the safety of your little one around their canopy.  If your daughter is older, then less worry is needed as she will not be at risk f hurting herself if she pull the canopy down. It’s unlikely this would happen.

  • If you are putting the canopy up over a crib, make sure that the long expanses of fabric are not anywhere that the baby can grab them and pull them into the crib. If the fall into the crib or the baby pulls them into the crib, they can easily get wrapped around the little one They should not be in direct contact with the crib at all and need to remain on the outside of the crib at all times.
  • Keep the extra canopy parts to a minimum. It is better and safer to let the only thing on the canopy be the sheers. Accents, decorations, and other external things can fall off and end up in posing a choking hazard for a young child or falling into an older child or teen.
  • Always do a check on the canopy sheers and installation when you are in the child’s room. This should be a daily part of your routine or weekly if the child is older.


Canopies are simple but elegant items that will really dress your girl’s room up in a beautiful way. With billowy, dreamy material and the private, peaceful space it provides, your child will grow accustomed to having a peaceful and attractive place to sleep. That is a feeling and action that could last throughout their lifetime.

The information in this buyer’s guide is designed to help you decide what you want from a canopy and how to sort through all of the choices available to choose the one that will be just perfect for your child or teen’s room.

Canopies can be adapted to the child as they grow as well, by starting with the canopy being placed over the bed, placing them over toddler bed once they are out of the crib and then onto a twin or full size bed when they are older or even going to college. Just remember to choose the one that fits the preferences of you or your daughter’s and do the safety checks for the well being of your child.