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Casserole Dish Sets Review

A good quality casserole dish set will include at least two different sized dishes that can handle high heat. Some sets may even contain 3, 4 or 5 different dishes in varying sizes. The best sets will also contain lids for storing foods in the freezer or refrigerator. Our top pick, the Rachael Ray 3-Piece Round Casserole & Lid Set, contains two different casserole dishes and one lid that fits both dishes.

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  • These convenient casserole dishes are freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave safe. We love that they are oven safe to 500 degrees and the large freeform handles make them easy to move from place to place – even while wearing bulky oven mitts. The beautiful color blended well with our other kitchen décor.

    Winner: Culinary Couture Cooking Utensil Set
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    Casserole dishes are a much needed and used item in most kitchens. If you want a well-stocked kitchen, include many different sizes and shapes of casserole dishes to cover the different dishes you make. Casserole dishes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. They are used for cooking as well as serving and are great for a large variety of foods.

    The material the casserole dishes are made of is very important to quality. Two of the main factors are the evenness of heating and the ability to handle high-heat baking temperatures safely. The best casserole dishes come with tight fitting lids so the contents can be preserved in the refrigerator easily. Just snap on the lid and they can stack in the fridge.

    There are many reasons casserole dishes are so popular. They have been around for decades and their popularity has not waned at all as cooks continue to make one-dish dinners. The popularity of casserole dishes includes the fact that many of them can be used in the freezer as well as being able to go from freezer to oven or microwave to table with relative ease.

    There are a few things you want to look for when you are researching different casserole dishes. These factors will help determine which casserole dishes are good quality and which ones are best passed over.

    Rank Picture Set Material Pieces
    1 Rachael Ray Stoneware 3
    2 Mikasa Stoneware 3
    3 CorningWare Bakeware 8
    4 Libbey Glass 3
    5 LTD Ceramic 3
    6 Kovot Ceramic 3
    7 Glencreag Glass 3
    8 KNL Stoneware 3
    9 Lifver Porcelain 4
    10 WEN Bakeware 3

    Rachael Ray 3-Piece Round Casserole & Lid Set

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    Rachel Ray is known for her beautiful and functional line of casserole dishes and bakeware that will add plenty of color and convenience to your cooking. This 2-set casserole dish has a lid that fits both dishes.

    There are 1 ½ quart and 2 quart casserole dishes that feature Rachael Ray’s trademark style and unique design so they look fantastic when you serve your meals in them.

    Each dish is round and features a flared design that incorporates free-form handles that make moving the dish from freezer to oven to table simple and convenient.

    These casserole dishes are part of the Cucina collection and match the dinner dishes and other baking dishes in the collection.  These two dishes are created from long-lasting and durable stoneware that has been glazed in a warm color that goes well with most kitchen décor. These dishes are perfect for creating one-dish dinners or party appetizers. Whatever your cooking and baking needs are, this beautiful casserole set can handle the task.  They clean up easily and are dishwasher safe as well.

    Mikasa Italian Countryside 3-Piece Casserole Dish Set

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    This beautifully classic set of casserole dishes is reminiscent if Italian architecture with its column-like details and fluted bands.

    The Italian Countryside design will add elegance and style to any table setting. There are three casserole dishes in this beautiful set: 1 – 13” x 9”, 1 – 9” square and 1 – 1 ½ quart covered dish.

    Each of the casserole dishes is crafted from durable and long lasting stoneware. We loved that they were freezer, microwave and oven safe up to 500 degrees. They are also easy to clean since they are dishwasher safe as well.

    The Italian Countryside design is over 20 years old and still one of the best selling and most popular designs due to its classic beauty which goes with most kitchen décor.

    You’ll have many sizes to work with when cooking various dishes and you can rest assured that the food you cook will look great when you serve it in these dishes.

    CorningWare Baking Dish Set Oval

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    CorningWare is a very popular and well-known brand name in casserole dishes that has been around for decades. Chances are your mother and grandmother used CorningWare casserole dishes in their kitchens.

    This beautiful 8-piece Oval set includes 3 dishes that all have lids.  The 2 ½ quart and 1 ½ quart casseroles have a plastic lid and glass lid each and the 15 ounce oval has a plastic lid.

    All the dishes are made from durable and long-lasting stoneware in crisp white that will go with any kitchen décor.

    All of the dishes can be used in the freezer, microwave, refrigerator and oven too.  Everything is dishwasher safe and the glass lids can be used in the oven.  Be sure not to forget to take off the plastic lids when placing the dishes in the oven.

    This set is chip and crack resistant and the non-porous surfaces do not absorb odors, stains or flavors.  All the lids are BPA free as well.   This set allows you great variety when it comes to cooking different dishes.  The plastic lids allow the dishes to double as storage containers as well.  Everything comes with a warranty; the glass lids and casserole dishes have a 1 year limited warranty and the plastic lids have a 2 year limited warranty.


    Casserole dishes are a kitchen staple because they are crucial for cooking a variety of foods and are especially helpful for cooking holiday dinners and other large gatherings. There are many different types of casserole dishes to choose from. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some of the newer lines have beautiful decorative shapes and colors that enhance any kitchen.

    A good set of casserole dishes will include a few different sizes along with glass and plastic lids too. This way the food can be stored in the casserole dish if it is not finished at the meal. The classic white designs are still very popular because they easily match any décor or color theme you have; everything matches white!

    Other features that a good quality set of casserole dishes should have is the ability to be used in the freezer, microwave, refrigerator, and oven as well. You will need to be careful moving a dish straight from the freezer to a hot oven so make sure you leave the dish on the counter for a short period of time while the oven is preheating so there is not a temperature shock to the dish which can result in the dish shattering – even if it states that it is oven safe up to 500 degrees.

    You also want your set of dishes to be dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning. If you love color and patterns, there are plenty of choices out there from excellent, reputable sources such as CorningWare, Rachael Ray and much more. The main thing to remember is to look for the features you want and purchase from a reputable, trusted company that is known for quality products.


    Rachael Ray









    Color Blue
    / Red
    / Lavender
    / Brown
    White French
    Clear Green
    / Red
    / Yellow
    / Orange
    / Yellow
    Clear Multi

    / Orange

    / Red
    / Yellow
    Pieces 3 3 8 3 3 3 3 3 4 3
    2.00 1.50 2.50 3.00 4.75 3.00 1.48 1.31 0.22 4.75
    500 500 450 450 500 400 752 500 500 450
    Material Stoneware Stoneware Bakeware Glass Ceramic Ceramic Tempered
    Stoneware Porcelain Bakeware
    24 12 240 36 24 6 Limited
    1 24


    Buyer’s Guide

    There are many different types, sizes, shapes and colors of casserole dishes on the market.  Choosing a set can be difficult if you are not sure what features to look for. Making an informed choice will ensure you are spending your money on a quality set that will last a long time.  The majority of these dishes will be made of stoneware, glass or even enamel-covered cast iron.

    You want to look for varieties that are freezer, microwave, refrigerator, and oven safe.  Common shapes for casserole dishes are square, rectangular, and oval.  The most popular choice seems to be either square or rectangular.

    They typically range in size and capacity from 1 quart up to as much as 6 quarts.  Casserole dishes are also sometimes called baking dishes. We have listed the most common types of casserole dishes below:

    • Square casserole – The most commonly used casserole dish seems to be the 2-quart square size.  It is the perfect size for making fruit crisps, cobblers, hot dips and more.  There are other sizes of square casseroles as well that include both larger and smaller options.
    • Rectangular Casserole – One of the most popular sizes of casserole dishes purchased is the 3-quart size which usually measures 13x9x2. It is used for family-sized dishes such as lasagna, baked spaghetti and other one dish dinners. Many of the rectangular casserole dishes come with glass lids cooking and plastic lids for storing.
    • Round Casserole – Most round casserole dishes are 1 ½ to 3-quart size.  They usually have taller sides and a round bottom edge. Most round casserole dishes come with a lid.  They showcase food in a fancier way than square or rectangular casseroles do and are perfect for displaying your cooked dishes for holiday parties or cookouts.

    Things to Consider During Research

    There are several things to think about and consider when researching casserole dish sets. These considerations include size, shape, materials, high heat resistance, and the ability to be freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.  We have listed several of the considerations and features to look for when you are sorting through the different casserole dishes available.

    • Shapes and Sizes – The size and shape of the casserole dishes you choose will vary for different recipes.  The best course of action is to choose several different types of casserole dishes in a variety of shapes and sizes so you are prepared to make any dish you want. The most common sizes you will want to include in your kitchen are a 2 quart square, 2 quart round and a 3 quart rectangular. Many people like to also include some ramekins for sauces.
    • Materials – Casserole dishes are made from a variety of materials.  These include stoneware, ceramic, glass, enamel-coated stoneware, and enamel-coated cast iron.  Some of these materials are more durable and longer lasting than others.  You want to have many different sizes and shapes available for cooking all kinds of foods. Make sure that the casserole dish set you choose heats evenly and is oven safe at high temperatures.
    • Lids – Casserole dishes can have glass lids or plastic lids. Sometimes they will come with both.  The fancier ceramic or pottery casserole dishes typically have matching lids that are also oven safe.  The plastic lids are not oven safe and should not be used during the cooking process.
    • Design and Style – Casserole dishes come in a variety of styles and designs.  They can be available in a variety of bright colors and patterns and sometimes have unique shapes as well.  The different colors and shapes can add a lot of color and style to your table.
    • Weight – Casserole dishes will vary in weight. An enamel-coated cast iron casserole will weigh a lot more than a glass dish. The larger the casserole dish is the heavier it will be. When looking through different sizes, remember that large casserole dishes will be even heavier with food in them.
    • Handles – Handles make lifting the casserole dish much easier. You want to look for good handles that are integrated into the design of the casserole. Look for larger handles that are still comfortable to use even when you have oven mitts on. The handles will be hot coming out of the oven so never grab them without the protection of pot holders or oven mitts.

    Materials Used In Construction

    • Glass – Glass casserole dishes are the least expensive type.  Glass retains heat and because they are see-through, you can monitor cooking progress and browning.  Glass casseroles can be used in the oven, freezer and microwave and are usually dishwasher safe as well.
    • Ceramic – Ceramic casserole dishes are usually very colorful and have bright finishes or patterns.  However, this type of casserole dish can chip easily and they usually have a finish on the bottom.  You can use ceramic casserole dishes in the freezer, oven, and microwave, but check the temperature range before using them in the oven.
    • Enamel-coated cast iron – This heavy-duty type of casserole dish is often available in several bright colors to match any kitchen décor.  Heat is evenly distributed in this design without hot spots.  They can go from the stovetop to the oven without issue.
    • Stoneware – Stoneware casserole dishes are some of the most popular and commonly purchased styles of casserole dish.  They retain heat very well and the higher-end styles might have a porcelain, enamel-glaze finish.  This makes them less prone to chipping, staining or scratching.  Many stoneware casserole dishes are freezer, oven, and microwave safe.  Read the fine print to check the dish’s oven-safe temperature limit.


    Casserole dishes are an item that will be well utilized in any kitchen. With all the choices that are available, it can be a challenge to figure out what style is best for you. Many people outfit their kitchen with different sizes and styles to accommodate different dishes.

    The information in this guide will help you sort through the many choices out there so you can pick a casserole dish sets that fits your needs. You can never have too many casserole dishes, especially if you do a lot of entertaining!

    Choose one of the sets reviewed above or use our information to help you pick good quality casserole dishes that will meet all of your cooking needs.