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Introduction to the Computer Chairs

Many people that work with computers or in an office spend a lot of time sitting at their desks. It doesn’t matter whether you work in a home office or in a commercial office, the computer chair you sit in is extremely important.

The wrong chair can cause all kinds of physical problems, from backaches to headaches. Taking the time to research the different models and styles that are on the market can help you choose the chair that will prevent the physical issues and be comfortable even after long hours.

We researched the 20 most popular computer chairs on the market and considered things such as comfort, durability, size, ergonomics, extra features and more. The top three choices that we have featured here stood out in all of these categories. Choose any one of them for an excellent computer chair experience.

Top Ranked Computer Chairs

DX Racer Chair


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Sit in personalized comfort with the DXRacer chair from CSGaming Chairs that features a high straight back, 3d straight arm rests, adjustable height gas spring and integrated headrest to name a few. We hand tested this chair and it was a breeze to setup. Total setup time was around 15 minutes. This chair comes with two gas springs depending on the desired height you want to set. I chose the full range gas spring. The chair is the most sturdy chair I’ve ever sat in. It has a reclining back and a lifetime warranty on the frame. All other parts are warranted for 2 years which is double the warranty you receive from many other manufacturers. There is a range of chairs from CS Gaming so you are sure to find one that fits your budget. If you want to splurge like I did then go for the OH series. If you are on a budget we recommend the Racing series. The chairs can also be purchased directly from CS Gaming Chairs.

Here are some pictures after the chair was assembled. It’s a rock solid and super comfortable chair.
20160725_163356 20160725_163343 20160725_163336 20160725_163403

Serta Executive Office Chair, Microfiber

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Serta is a well known name in comfort products all over the world.  They continue that trend with this stylish and elegant executive computer chair that offers users comfort, quality and style.

It is upholstered in an elegant, light beige microfiber.  The soft, pillowed headrest and plush body pillows make sitting in this chair something to look forward to each day.

The sculpted arms of this chair have been enhanced to give the user additional hand, wrist and forearm comfort. The “waterfall” seat edge, as it is called, lessens pressure on the back of the legs and increases circulation which will reduce leg and body fatigue.  It will help with work concentration as well.

The seat height is adjusted by a pneumatic gas lift that adjusts the seat with a simple touch of the lever.  Pull on the same lever and the recline mechanism will unlock and allow the seat to recline comfortably.

Adjust the amount of recline by turning the tension knob. The smooth rolling dual wheel casters provide easy movement to your surrounding work area.

The five star base is heavy duty and meets or exceeds the tough BIFMA standards.  This comfortable chair by Serta has a 250 pound weight capacity.  You will need to assemble the chair, but it is not overly complicated.  This computer chair comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black

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The metal mesh of this ergonomic chair keeps maximum airflow going to keep the user cool and comfortable. The seat of the computer chair is cushioned and contoured with premium fabric upholstery.

The waterfall edge relieves pressure on the legs.  The height and width adjustable arms have soft, polyurethane pads for extra comfort.

The 5 star base is sturdy and stable with casters for easy movement around your desk area.

Users may need a flat mat or board underneath the chair due to the fact that the wheels are not suitable for all floor types and may not do well on carpeted areas. Maximum weight capacity for this computer chair is 250 pounds.  This comfortable and functional computer chair meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standards.

Top Rated Computer Chairs Summary

For those who spend a lot of time in a computer chair in front of their computers, the right chair becomes very important. Many people’s jobs require that they spend more time in the chair in front of the computer. Due to that fact, the comfort and stability of the computer chair becomes very important.

There are many different shapes, sizes and styles of computer chairs on the market. Finding the one that meets your needs can make a big difference in how you feel at the end of the day. The right chair can help avoid headaches, back problems, pains in the neck and shoulders, problems with concentration and pain in the knees as well.

When choosing the right chair, it is important to know the different styles and types available and to understand the different features that make up a good quality computer chair. You also need to take into consideration you own personal needs.

Continue reading our buyer’s guide below where we will go over the important points and factors that are involved in choosing the right computer chair.

Computer Chair Buyers Guide

Computer Chair1There are many sizes of computer chairs available on the market today. They come in a variety of materials and have many different features. Choosing the one that best suits your needs can be a real challenge but it is not impossible when you know what things to look at, to narrow down those choices. By becoming familiar with the different types of computer chairs you can see which ones have the ability to provide what it is you need.

Computer Chair Types

  • Ergonomic Computer Chairs – There is a lot of flexibility in the design of these chairs. They are usually created to support the back and neck. The ergonomic chair is designed to enhance the user’s posture while helping to reduce slouching which can cause many problems on its own. There are three main types of ergonomic chairs: standard ergonomic chairs, ergonomic knee chairs and ergonomic ball chairs.
  • Mesh Computer Chairs – One of the most popular designs of computer chair is the mesh design. These chairs offer a lot of air circulation for the user and keeps them cool and comfortable even when they have been sitting for hours. Most mesh chairs are also usually ergonomic and are good at eliminating the traditional problems that can arise from sitting in a chair for long periods. Mesh chairs are usually less expensive than other varieties.
  • Leather Computer Chairs – If luxury is also important to you, you will want to look at the large selection of leather computer chairs that are available. Some are basic in design but others may offer a more plush and elegant design. Due to that luxurious look and feel, leather is the preferred choice for certain professionals. Leather computer chairs are easy to clean and maintain and the comfort they provide gets better as the chair gets older rather than deteriorating, the way it does with some of the other types. Leather is much more durable than the fabric covered computer chairs. There is also faux leather and suede computer chairs as well.

Considerations before Purchase

Be sure to consider the following things before you purchase a computer chair.  These things will help steer you in the right direction towards purchasing the right chair for your needs.

  • How often will you use the chair? – If you have to spend hours in the chair without a break you will want to consider purchasing a computer chair that has as many ergonomic adjustments as possible. These adjustments will help you feel better at the end of the day even when you have had to spend long hours at your desk.
  • What kind of work do you do? – If you work in a space that involves rolling your desk chair from one area to another, you want a smooth rolling chair that will transition from one place to another.
  • Computer Chair2

  • How are you most comfortable sitting? – Do you tend to lean forward when you sit or do you like to recline a little bit? Whatever position you want to sit in, make sure that you adjust for that in the design of the chair you choose.
  • Do you have any existing medical issues? – If you already have back pain you want to be sure that your chair has lumbar support.  If your legs cause issues make sure that the front has a sloped from or waterfall edge which takes the pressure off the legs.  You want to be able to rest your feet comfortable on the floor.  Some people may even be better with a standing or walking desk which involves not sitting at all.
  • What kind of flooring do you have? – Most computer chairs will roll smoothly on hard surfaces such as wood floors but carpeting is another matter entirely.  If there is carpet in your office, you will want to get a chair mat which is a flat piece of wood or plastic that rests underneath your computer chair and allows for it to roll smoothly.
  • Upholstery Choices – Mesh is definitely the most circulatory material and allows for the most airflow. Leather can provide a plush and super comfortable feel but it can be very hot. Vinyl is much easier to clean but has the same problem as leather in terms of breathability.  Fabric can be comfortable for most people but it can be very prone to staining.  If you purchase the higher end chairs with higher quality fabrics will breathe better and be more stain repellent.

Features to Look for in a Great Computer Chair

There are many features that will result in a very comfortable and functional computer chair.  Knowing what these features are will help steer you in the right direction when choosing your chair. By taking things like personal preference, budget, climate, and where you will be using your computer chair into consideration, you will end up with a chair that you will be very comfortable and happy using.

  • Adjustable positions – Make sure that arm and height adjustments are possible. You want to have several choices available for adjustments so you can try different heights and adjustment levels. Depending on the chair, there can be as many as 14 different types of adjustments possible.
  • Lumbar Support – A good quality computer chair needs to support your lower back to avoid back pain when sitting for long periods of time. Depending on the model of chair you are considering, it may have flexible lumbar support giving you the ability to adjust the amount of support it gives you.
  • Wheel Base – Wheels give you the ability to move around your work station much more smoothly than a stationary chair does. Look for computer chairs that have a good, sturdy wheel base.  Don’t forget to take the flooring into consideration when you are looking at different models.
  • Swivel Base – The ability of your chair to turn and swivel makes it much moiré convenient and much easier to turn and reach things on shelves or other places around your desk.
  • Computer Chair3

  • Fabric – Notice the upholstery that is used on the chairs you consider. Do you want fabric? Leather? Metal mesh?  You want the seat to be padded and comfortable, even after hours of use.


Computers are used daily in home offices and in small and large companies of all kinds. Choosing the right computer chair is just as important as choosing the right computer.

You need to find the right type of chair for your needs to ensure that you are not creating back and neck problems and making it very difficult for you to sit for long periods of time.

The better chair you purchase the more comfortable you will be at the end of the day as well, when work is over. With having to spend so many hours in the chair on a daily basis, you don’t want to scrimp and settle with the computer chair you purchase.

Take the information contained in this buyer’s guide and use it to select the right chair for your needs and preferences.