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The perfect dish rack provides the capacity you need in a durable and long lasting design.  Our pick, Umbra Sinkin Dish Rack, is the perfect size for our college age kid.

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  • He placed it right into the sink and had no problem keeping up with his dishes, setting them on the dish rack to dry. We even got him his favorite color to match his room. It is the perfect size for a single person or couple.

    Winner: Umbra Sinkin Dish Rack
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    Introduction to the Dish Racks

    Dish racks are one of those items that many forget about until you need them. This kitchen essential is very useful for daily use since dishes are usually done on a daily basis.

    There are many different types of dish racks on the market to choose from. Which type you choose is largely up to personal preference but there are some differences between the types that can make certain dish racks better suited for the job than others.

    There are a few things you want to look at when you are researching dish racks. These considerations will help you sort through the different styles and options and eliminate the ones that won’t work for you.

    The purpose of this buyer’s guide is to provide you with the information you need to learn these considerations as well as learning about the benefits and drawbacks to each type of dish rack.

    Top Ranked Dish Racks

    Umbra Sinkin Dish Rack

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    This simply designed dish rack sits inside your kitchen sink to conveniently hold your clean dishes as you are washing and rinsing them.

    You can also place the Umbra dish rack on the counter as well if you prefer but there is no water catcher underneath to catch the water that drips off the dishes so be sure to place it on a towel.

    This coated dish rack features rubber feet that prevents the sink from being scratched, and a utensil holder that is moveable.

    There are four different colors available to choose from: white, mint, black and white. The rack is made from coated wire that can be cleaned easily to keep it free of mold. The dish rack measures 14” x 11” x 5 ¼”.

    OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Dish Rack

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    OXO is a well known name in the kitchen supply industry. This convertible dish rack is durable and convenient as well. The plate rack is plenty big enough for large bowls and cookware and folds out of the way when not needed.

    The legs can fold out to raise the dish rack off the counter and tilts the sprout toward the sink so it can drain directly into the sink instead of onto the counter or floor.

    Your glasses will dry crystal clear on the individual tines that can hold wine glasses, mugs and cups. The glass tines are inside the rack so the water drops off the glasses and inside the rack. There is a divided utensil holder that has plenty of room for your knives, forks and spoons.

    Your plates will be safe when placed on the plate rack that holds bowls and plates in an upright, neat position. All aspects of the OXO dish racks folds up and away so it can be stored easily.

    Neat-O Stainless Steel Dish Rack

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    This stylish and modern dish rack is made from durable stainless steel that is made to last. This mid-sized dish rack measures 16 ½” x 12” x 5 ½” and is strong enough for stoneware and other heavy dishes.

    The steel dish rack has plenty of slots to hold over 8 dishes upright so they can dry properly. There is a matching drain board and utensil cup as well. It is the perfect size for a dorm room or studio apartment.

    The design of this dish rack is very streamlined and fits in well with a modern style kitchen. The stainless steel is easy to keep clean and sanitary so you don’t contaminate your clean dishes when you place them in the rack. It is the perfect rack for any kitchen and goes well with any color scheme.

    Dish Racks Summary

    Dish racks aren’t the most exciting purchases in the world, but when you find one that has all the things you want and need it can make doing dishes a lot easier. Since dish racks are used on a daily basis, they are much more important than you may realize at first.

    The three dish racks we have reviewed above are all top rated dish racks that are popular for many reasons. They are all constructed from long lasting, durable materials that will stand up to the demands of daily use for a long time to come. Any one of them will work well for your dish drying needs. They are good examples of a few of the different types of dish racks available on the market.

    To learn more about the different types of dish racks and their characteristics, read the buyer’s guide below. It is filled with information that will help you in your research and shopping adventure. This information will take the guesswork out of finding the perfect dish rack for your needs.

    Dish Rack Comparison






    Totally Bamboo



    Home Basics

    Size Standard Standard Standard Large Large Large Standard Large Small Large
    Color Mint
    / Black
    / Red
    / White
    White Chrome Multi
    Chrome Wood Wood Black Black
    / Silver
    14.00 x 11.00 x 5.25 20.20 x 13.00 x 4.10 16.50 x 12.00 x  5.50 13.81 x 17.62 x 5.93 21.80 x 20.20 x 14.30 5.00 x 10.25 x 6.75 17.75 x 13.00 x 9.75 17.00 x 13.00 x 13.00 12.00 x 19.00 x 5.00 12.80 x 12.80 x 17.50
    1.70 4.70 3.50 1.30 8.00 8.80 7.00 3.90 2.20 1.50
    Material Chromium
    Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Plastic Stainless Steel Bamboo Bamboo Stainless Steel Plastic Plastic
    1 Limited
    5 Limited
    5 Limited
    5 5 5 1


    Dish Rack Buyers Guide

    You want to choose a dish rack that will last for three to five years or more under daily use. There are a lot of different types of dish racks on the market. They are made of different materials, have different styles and have different dish capacities as well.

    With all of these choices available, you need to know what each type of dish rack offers in the way of features and options. You also need to know what your dishwashing needs and volume is so you choose a dish rack that will easily accommodate the dish load you have.

    Dish racks can be very different in design. Some may have flat collection trays for water drippings while others may have trays that drain at an angle into the sink. There are also differences in the materials that are used when making dish racks.

    This can include wood, plastic, stainless steel and coated metal wire. Last but not least there are differences in the design of each type of dish rack. Some are designed to fit into the sink or over it, some are full sized dish racks that will hold an entire meal’s worth of dishes. There are also collapsible dishes. Each type of dish rack has its advantages that we will list for you below.

    Types of Dish Rack Materials

    There are several different materials that are used to make dish racks. Here are some of the more common materials and their advantages.

    • Wooden Dish Rack – Wood is a great choice for those who like a more rustic style kitchen. Bamboo is one of the most commonly used material. It is sustainable and naturally anti-microbial.  They are also water-resistant.  Many of the wooden dish racks fold completely flat for easy storage. Wood dish racks are an eco friendly option since they are made from sustainable materials. 

      The key to keeping wooden dish racks safe and bacteria free is to make sure they are kept clean and dry. Once the dishes have been dried and put away, wipe the entire dish rack down and dry it before you fold it up and put it away.  It is also good to put linseed oil on the rack to prevent it from drying out too much and cracking.  Even though wooden dish racks require more maintenance, many people love the look and tone they bring to their kitchens and feel like the work is worth it.

    • Metal Dish Rack – There are many features that metal dish racks have that make washing dishes more convenient. Some of the features can include draining systems that draw the water away from the dishes and put it into the sink. They are also very durable and will last indefinitely with proper care, even under daily use.

      Metal dish racks come in many different sizes and dish capacities as well.  Other features can include the ability to fold up for storage, removable silverware organizers and sections that are divided to keep glassware separate from pots and pans. Metal dish racks look great in any kitchen and match all color schemes and décor.  They are simple to keep sanitary and clean.  They are a good choice for any kitchen.

    • Plastic Dish Rack – This is the most inexpensive of all the choices and has a lot of variations. A lot of plastic dish racks can fold up for easy storage. They usually come in a large variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs.  They are lightweight and can be cleaned and even bleached easily if needed.  Some plastic dish racks have antimicrobial properties to prevent mold and mildew from building up and contaminating the clean dishes.
    • Baby Dish Rack – Baby dish racks are specifically for baby items like bottles, pacifiers and containers. There are some unique designs available, one of which looks like grass.  The tall, flexible, plastic blades allow the bottles and other things to air dry naturally and safely.  Baby dish racks are always BPA free.
    • Two-Level Dish Rack – This super sized dish rack allows more dishes to dry at one time and it won’t take any extra counter space.  They come in wood, chrome and hard plastic materials and have a lot of places to put drying dishes.  Two tier dish racks are a lot more appealing to look at than the typical standard dish racks.  They are very convenient for getting a lot of dishes done without having to stop and dry the dishes by hand because the dish rack has gotten full.

    Types of Dish Racks

    There are several different styles of dish racks as well.  We have listed the different kinds so you are familiar with each style and can determine which one you prefer.

    • Over the Sink Dish Rack – This style fits inside the sink and doesn’t take up any extra counter space.  The drawback to this is that it does take up one of the sinks so it is a tossup which space you can do without. Most over the sink varieties are made from coated metal wire and have slots for plates and bowls.  Some have removable utensil holders.
    • Foldable Dish Rack – Many of the dish racks available come in foldable varieties.  Metal, plastic and wood can all have foldable designs. The benefit to having a foldable dish rack is that it is much easier to store away without taking up counter space or sink space.  Make sure that you clean and dry the dish rack before you put it away to ensure no mold or bacteria is growing.

    Dish Capacity

    Dish racks come in all shapes and sizes. It is beneficial to you to know what your dishwashing load is before you purchase a dish rack. This will enable you to choose the one that works for your specific needs. It is always better to choose a dish rack that is a little larger than you need rather than one that is not big enough.


    Dish racks are a necessary and convenient way to help people get their dishes dried after they are washed. These dish racks eliminate the need to hand dry items which can save time and energy. With all of the different choices on the market, there is a large selection of dish racks that you will be able to choose from to find your perfect one.

    The top rated choices we have featured above illustrate a few of the types of dish racks available. All of them are easy to use, easy to clean and convenient. If none of these are what you were looking for, the information provided to you in this buyer’s guide can help you identify the right dish rack for your needs.

    It may not be the most important item in your kitchen but it provides a lot of convenience for those who wash dishes by hand. Even those with dishwashers have to wash some things by hand so having a good quality dish rack can make the drying process a lot easier.