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Fireplace Tool Sets Review

The best fireplace tool set is made from durable cast iron or steel and has everything you need to tend to your fires. Our pick, Panacea Antique Fireplace Toolset,  is a durable and long lasting set that provides all you need to take care of active fires safely and easily.

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  • We love the brass handles and decorative style. Using these tools was very easy. They made quick work of all our fireplace tasks.

    Winner: Panacea Antique Fireplace Toolset
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    Introduction to the Fireplace Tool Sets

    Purchasing the right set of fireplace tools is an important matter to not take lightly. There are many different styles of fireplace tools that are designed to fit the needs of different fireplaces.

    Wood burning stoves and fireplaces comes with some work involved that those with gas fireplaces don’t have to worry about. Because of this extra work, there are certain tools that you will need to get the job done.

    It is vital that you purchase the right kind of tools to take care of the different tasks that you will encounter with your fireplace. Before you make this important purchase you will need to know what the different tools are and what you need to consider so you don’t waste your money on the wrong items.

    The purpose of this buyer’s guide is to help you learn what tools are necessities and how to choose a good quality set of fireplace tools that will last you for years while being functional and easy to use.

    Top Ranked Fireplace Tool Sets

    Panacea Antique Fireplace Toolset

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    Panacea is a well respected name in fireplace accessories that is known for its quality products.  This 5 piece set of fireplace tools is a great example of this quality.  This antique look set is both functional and decorative.

    Each important tool hangs on the tool stand so they are within easy reach when you need them.  The stand features a black metal body with an antique brass finish on top and a brass colored rod around the base of the stand. Each tool’s handle matches the antique brass finish creating a beautiful set that complements any fireplace.

    Included in this useful and stylish set are

    • Broom
    • Poker
    • Shovel
    • Tongs

    Each tool in the set has an attractive brushed finish that looks wonderful in any living room. All pieces of this timeless looking set are made of metal for long lasting durability.

    Uniflame 5pc Fireset with Center Weave

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    For those who enjoy a more rustic look, choose this 5 piece fireplace tool set that is made from durable and long lasting wrought iron. The stand has an elegant center weave design that looks great in any living room or den. Each tool is made from black metal and hangs from the stand by a functional and attractive Shepherd’s hook.

    Included in this set are:

    • Shovel
    • Brush
    • Log tool
    • Poker

    This sturdy and stylish set of fireplace tools has everything you need to tend to a comforting fire.  The black wrought iron finish goes with any décor and will last years with the proper care.

    ShelterLogic 5-Piece Fireplace Toolset

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    ShelterLogic is another well known name in fireplace accessories.  Choose a fireplace tool set that will last for many years of use and purchase this 5 piece cast iron set that includes:

    • Tongs
    • Poker
    • Shovel
    • Brush

    All the tools fit neatly on the cast iron stand that keeps all the tools neatly within arm’s reach of your fireplace.  Each useful tool has an ergonomically designed handle for safe and easy handling.  Assembly is easy and doesn’t take long at all. Each tool has a good heft to it so you don’t feel like the tool will break during use.

    Fireplace Tool Sets Summary

    A working fireplace is a beautiful centerpiece of any room. When you have a wood burning fireplace you will need to have a set of strong fireplace tools that enable you to tend to the fire and clean up as needed while staying safe. Gas fireplaces don’t require the use of a tool set but it can look nice and give the hearth a finished look even if you won’t be using it.

    There are many different styles of fireplace tool sets to choose from. Most have the same type of tools but they can have very different finishes and styles. To choose the right set of fireplace tools there are some things you should consider and make sure of when you are researching the different selections available.

    To learn more about the different types of fireplace tools and how to choose the right set for your fireplace, read the buyer’s guide below. The information we have provided will give you the knowledge you need to find the perfect set of fireplace tools. This information will make the selection process much simpler.

    Fireplace Tool Set Comparison




    Uniflame 40140

    Uniflame 51030

    Panacea 15916

    Panacea 15041


    Panacea 15001

    Uniflame 1634
    Pieces 5 5 5 4 5 5 4 5 5 5
    Material Brass Wrought
    Steel Wrought
    Steel Wrought
    11.00 x 29.50 x 7.25 28.00 x 11.50 x 28.00 7.60 x 7.60 x 30.00 15.20 x 12.70 x 25.00 7.80 x 7.80 x 31.00 10.00 x 31.00 x 8.00 7.50 x 18.00 x 7.50 7.10 x 7.10 x 31.00 6.00 x 6.00 x 28.00 31.00 x 8.50 x 31.00
    11.50 12.30 10.30 7.00 11.40 13.50 5.50 11.80 11.85 12.00
    Color Black Black Black Black Black Brushed
    Black Black Black Bronze
    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


    Fireplace Tool Set Buyers Guide

    There are four tools that are in most fireplace tool sets. Some sets may come with a few extras but for the most part these four tools cover the tasks your working fireplace will require. We’ve listed the four tools below along with the characteristics of each.

    • Brush – Fireplace brushes come in several shapes and sizes.  The majority of brushes will have fiber or plastic bristles that are attached to the tool handle that will be round or flat.  They look just like a kitchen broom. High end fireplace brushes can have different designs and sometimes use dried bristles for the brushes rather than plastic or fiber but they don’t last as long.  A fireplace brush is used to sweep up ashes that are left after scooping them up into the ash can.  It is a tool that helps keep the fireplace area clean.
    • Poker – The poker is an important tool that helps move the logs into better positions for better airflow during the burning process.  Using the fireplace poker will keep the fire from burning out too soon.  Pokers come in different styles.  Some make be straight rods with a sharp end and some can be L shaped hooks. Some pokers have a split at the end that has a sharp point and a hook.  The hook is helpful for pushing or pulling logs that are in an active fire.
    • Shovel – Fireplace shovels are used for removing ashes from the fireplace.  It is necessary to remove the cold ashes before starting a new fire.  Removing these ashes will keep the fireplace looking clean and will prepare the space for the next roaring fire.  A build up of ashes can affect how well the fire burns. Fireplace shovels have a long handle with an attached scoop end that is usually square.
    • Log Tongs – Log tongs are very useful in moving logs around in an active fire. The tongs work just like kitchen tongs work to move food around. They are usually designed with curved hooks that look like claws. Log tongs are great for moving hot, burning logs around inside a fire or for adding new logs to the fire.

    Tool Set Materials

    There are several different metals that are used to make fireplace tools. There are different benefits to each type of metal. If you are looking for a good, long lasting set of fireplace tools make sure that the set you choose is made from one of the metals we have listed below.

    • Wrought Iron – This metal is very strong and durable. It has a melting point of 2700 degrees F which is way above the typical temperature of a regular home fire.  Wrought iron is not going to be flimsy and the different tools will have a good, heavy feel to them.
    • Hammered Steel –  Steel is another super strong, durable metal used to make fireplace tools.  The  melting point of steel is 2750 degrees F. Most of the steel fireplace tools will be black but some are polished steel. There is no difference in performance between the black and the polished steel.

    Common Fireplace Tool Finishes

    Different fireplace tool sets will have different finishes.  Most of the different finishes are cosmetic although some may have additional functions.  We have listed the different finishes that are commonly used.

    • Brushed –  A brushed finish is created by taking an abrasive pad and roughing up the polished metal so it has a brushed look to it rather than a polished, shiny look. The only drawback to brushed metal is that it can allow corrosion to set into the metal.
    • Plating – Some fireplace tools have copper or brass plating over the metal.  Copper and Brass plating is much easier to shine up and the attractive golden or reddish colors look great next to many different fireplace styles. The tool sets with plating have lower melting points than the steel and iron sets do.  It is recommended that the plated sets be used for fireplace fires only and not fire puts or wood stoves where the temperatures can be hotter.

    Considerations to Think About Before Purchase

    • Match the tool height to the size of your fireplace.  Tool stands can range in height from 30” to 35”.  The shorter sets are usually for wood burning stoves. There are even extra long sets that are perfect for huge stone fireplaces that are oftentimes in high ceilinged great rooms.
    • Look for sets that have been finished with decorative elements, hammering or bending of some kind. This will eliminate have any cut off steel or unfinished metal showing which could allow rust or corrosion in.

    Fireplace Vocabulary

    There are many terms that you will hear when dealing with fireplace accessories. We have provided you with a list of the most commonly used phrases that will teach you a little bit about the different elements of fireplaces.

    • Bellows –  This is a functional and decorative device that is used to blow air into the fireplace.  (wood burning only) Adding air to an active fire increases the combustion and produces strong, roaring flames.  Bellows are triangular in shape and consist of a leather bag on a wooden frame.  There is a brass nozzle at one end and handles on the other end.  It is safer than blowing directly into a fire which can cause ash and embers to fly up and cause burns.
    • Andirons –  These functional and elegant items hold the firewood in place to ensure that they don’t shift or roll out of the fireplace while burning.  They also keep the firewood of the floor of the fireplace to improve air circulation under the logs. This makes the fire more efficient when it is active.
    • Damper –  The damper is a device that opens or closes the opening between the flue and the firebox itself.  Gas burning and wood burning fireplaces have a damper.  It should be closed when the fire is not active to prevent losing heat up the chimney.
    • Fireplace Screen –  This screen that sits directly in front of the fireplace is decorative and functional, providing a high level of safety.  The purpose of the screen is to prevent sparks from flying out of the fireplace and landing on the carpets or wood floors. They also prevent logs from rolling out and ashes from escaping as well. Fireplace screens come in many different styles, sizes and shapes and can be very ornate and decorative. Measure your fireplace to ensure that you purchase a fireplace screen that fits your fireplace opening.
    • Fireplace Tool Set – This is the set of fireplace tools that is used to maintain the fire during the active part and for cleaning up once the fire has gone out.  Fireplace tool sets almost always contain a shovel, brush, log tongs and a poker.
    • Grate –  A fireplace grate is placed into the firebox and that is where the logs go.  It keeps the logs safely inside the firebox where they belong.  Grates are made of thick cast iron and can have a variety of styles.
    • Hearth –  The floor of the fireplace that extends outside the firebox is called the hearth. Hearths can be raised off the floor or level with the floor. They are usually made of brick, stone or concrete.
    • Hearth Rug –  These rugs are non-flammable and are placed in front of the fireplace to help protect the floors from any escaped sparks.
    • Log Tote –  A log tote is usually made from canvas and is used to transport logs from the wood pile to the fireplace.  Totes enable you to carry more logs than you can probably handle in your arms.
    • Fireback –  If there is a heat-resistant, protective insert in your fireplace that is up against the back of the fireplace wall.  It is typically made of cast iron. The fireback protects the fireplace masonry and mortar from being damaged by fire and reflect heat from the fire back into the room.


    Fireplace tool sets are functional and decorative items that make working with active fires much easier. Rather than risking getting burned, you have several tools that allow you to move logs, increase airflow, and clean the fireplace after the fire has gone out.

    With all of the different tool set styles available, the information in this buyer’s guide helps you narrow the choices so you can select the right set for your fireplace. You will find that searching through all the available tool sets will be much easier now that you have the knowledge needed to tell the difference between them.

    If you have ever tried to turn a log without the right tools you know how difficult and potentially dangerous it can be. Fireplace tools will make working with your fireplace much safer and easier so the chances of you getting burned are drastically reduced.