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Introduction to the Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great way to add light to a larger room. They are versatile and can be placed next to couches, tables and chairs. Floor lamps are used for reading, ambient light while watching TV or visiting with friends and family or just to add style and additional light to a room.

There are thousands of different styles, colors and materials when it comes to floor lamps. While this offers you a huge variety of choices, it can also make choosing a floor lamp very challenging.

There are several things that you will need to consider when it comes to choosing the right floor lamp for your home. We have provided valuable information in this guide and with the reviews that are featured below that can help make the process of finding the perfect floor lamp much easier and stress free.

Top 10 Floor Lamps

Rank Picture Lamp Height (Inches) Warranty (Months)
1 Normande 71.00 12
2 Maxwell 63.00 36
3 Madison 56.40 36
4 Litespan 61.00 36
5 Lavish Home 60.00 1
6 Ikea Holmo 46.00 12
7 Ikea 101 69.00 12
8 Boston Harbor 65.00 12
9 SKY 71.00 36
10 Daylight 61.00 12

Normande Lighting JM1-884 Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp

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This attractive Normande Lighting Lamp has a beautiful Torchiere lamp that provides plenty of light to the whole room as well as more focused light for the purpose of reading.

The stylish dark bronze, painted finish looks great in a variety of decors. The two frosted glass lamps have a metal wire vine and leaf motif.

The measurements of this lamp are 10.7” x 15 ½” x 71”. The Torchiere floor lamp is 100watts and the reading lamp provides 40 watts.

The 3 way switch can turn on the top lamp only, the reading lamp only or you can turn on both.

Users will need to assemble the lamp which only takes about 15 minutes or so. The lamp is not compliant with lighting requirements in California.

Make sure that the post alignment straight so it does not get put together crookedly.

This attractive and unique floor lamp is the kind of lamp that your friends and family will notice right away with its attractive finish and unusual wire metal motif.

Brightech – Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp

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If you are looking for a unique and unusual way to add ambience to your home, you will want this Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp.  It will add wonderful ambient light to a bedroom, living room, den or office.

The translucent shade in off white keeps the bulb hidden from view.  The light produced by this lamp is very soft and perfect for when you don’t need bright light.

If you want more light, you can add two of these to the room, using the shelves as end tables for each side of your bed. The open frame is made of solid wood and has three different shelves you can use to display your treasured and important items.

The Maxwell shelf floor lamp is easy to assemble with just a Phillips screwdriver. It features an easy to use pull chain switch that will turn it on and off fast and easy.

This lamp is especially suited to those who love Asian décor.  This lamp is 63” tall and has 3 shelves that measure 10 ¼” each.  You can use these shelves for magazines, pottery, photos and other things. You can choose from brown walnut or black wood that has been varnished.  It does the best being placed on hardwood flooring or smooth tiles.  There is a black cable tie that keeps the 8 foot cord along one corner of the frame.

Use LEDs or CFL lights so you can leave it on for extended periods of time without any worry of overheating.  This floor lamp comes with a 3 year warranty. If you’re not happy with this lamp the company will make it right.

Brightech – Madison Floor Lamp with Built-in Two-Tier Black Table

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This wonderful floor lamp with attached table adds elegance and style to your home along with storage space too. There are two lamp shade options that you can choose from; a solid white cylinder style that diffuses the light gently, or a more art-deco inspired lamp that has a bold, white and black pattern. The shades measure 12” in diameter each.

As an added special surprise, this functional floor lamp has two USB ports that allow you to charge your mobile devices easily and within reach. The different levels of the floor lamp provide plenty of room to display your treasured items like books, knickknacks and more.

Construction of this attractive floor lamp is made of black wood. It stands 4.7 feet high and is priced great too. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to achieve the style and look you’re after. This lamp provides all kinds of style without the high price tag.

Assembly takes only 15 minutes and is simple to do. All of the different parts of the floor lamp are individually packaged. Your home will have elegance and style with this attractive and unique lamp from Brightech.

Top Rated Floor Lamps Summary

There are many different types of floor lamps that you can choose from when it comes to choosing the right ones for your home. With all of these choices, you will need to have some idea of what you are looking for before you purchase one.

The three top rated floor lamps that we have featured above are all unique and stylish choices that provide your home with a sleek and unique décor that also adds more light to the room. Whether you choose the antique bronze floor lamp with the convenient reading light addition or either of the others that feature shelves where you can place important knickknacks, you will have added something to your home that others will take notice of right away.

Read our buyer’s guide below for more information on how to choose the right floor lamp for your home. With the right information you won’t have to struggle to find the right lamp for your needs, décor and preferences.

Compare: The 10 Best Rated Floor Lamps

Floor Lamp Comparison Table

Normande Lighting

Brightech – Maxwell

Brightech – Madison

Brightech – Litespan

Lavish Home

Ikea Holmo

Ikea 101

Boston Harbor

Brightech – SKY

100 60 50 12 27 40 60 60 20 27
Material  Metal,
Wood Wood Plastic, Aluminum Plastic, Aluminum Stainless Steel Metal Metal Metal Metal
Type Torchiere Shelf Madison Litespan Sunlight Holmo Uplight Tree Torchiere Naturalight
71.00 63.00 56.40 61.00 60.00 46.00 69.00 65.00 71.00 61.00
Color Dark
/ Black
/ White
Alpine White
/ Havana Brown
/ Jet Black
/ Natural Wood
/ Titanium Silver

/ Dimmer
/ Light Wood
/ Silver
/ White
/ Wood Grain
White Black
& White
Matte Black Black
/ Sleek Silver
/ White
22.40 11.70 21.90 10.80 10.70 4.00 5.00 10.90 13.30 11.00
Style Modern Asian/Modern Antique/Art Goose-Neck/Mini Contemporary   Holmo Modern Modern Sleek Goose-Neck/Mini
Shade Material Frosted Glass Glass Glass Plastic Plastic Rice
Polypropylene Metal Metal Plastic
Luminous Flux
1,500 2,250 1,500 700 1,300 400 900 900 1,125 1,500
12 36 36 36 1 12 12 12 36 12


Floor Lamp Buyers Guide

Considerations before Purchase

Floor Lamp1There are some things you want to consider before you start shopping for your floor lamp.  One of the most important factors is what you will be using the lamp for. Ask yourself the questions listed below before you purchase anything so you narrow the choices down to the ones that fit your needs.

  • Do you want focused light for a specific spot in a room?
  • Do you want to illuminate a whole room?
  • Do you want a lamp that is very decorative and makes a decorating statement?
  • Do you want a lamp with a lot of flexibility so it can handle many different preferences that you have?

Tips for Buying Floor Lamps

Here are some good tips to remember when you start shopping for floor lamps.

  • Look for designs that fit in with your existing décor or the décor you want to have in your home.
  • Look for light colored lamp shades and a bulb wattage capacity of 60watts if you are purchasing the lamp for reading purposes.
  • If you are looking for a light to provide ambient lighting, look for darker lamp shades
  • To increase the usefulness and convenience of a floor lamp, look for models that have dimmer or multi-switches, and that have adjustable shades and height levels too.
  • If you are looking for a lamp for a small space, look at floor lamps that have shelves and/or tables to maximize space.
  • If your room doesn’t have any ceiling lights, look for a good combination of table and floor lamps to provide plenty of light for every 10 feet of space or so.
  • Look for floor lamps that have higher wattage if your room is painted a darker color.   Dark walls absorb light so you will need brighter bulbs to compensate.

Types of Floor Lamps

Floor Lamp2Torchiere – This type of floor lamp is perfect for adding tons of ambience to a living room, dining room or den.  They typically have a heavy base that has a long pole and a lamp shade on top that is upside down so the light is directed up toward the ceiling.  This adds a lot of light drama to the room and diffuses the light over a broad part of the room.

Some Torchiere floor lamps have dimmer switches so the amount of light can be adjusted if needed.  There are some gorgeous Torchiere floor lamps on the market to appeal to a number of tastes.  From tiffany style designs to more modern choices, you will be able to find the right one to match the décor in your home.  They are well suited to small spaces if you are looking for a stylish was to light your small area.

Tripod – This style of floor lamp has legs just like a tripod for a camera does.  This style will add plenty of light to the room in addition to providing a lot of style as well with its unique tripod design. The legs of this type of floor lamp come in a variety of materials and styles.  There are tripod floor lamps with wooden legs, wrought iron legs or other types of metal legs.  It’s easy to find one that matches your décor.  Look for tripod floor lamps that have adjustable legs that will allow you to adjust the height to whatever size you need.

Multiple Lights – A multiple light floor lamp is perfect for when you want to have different levels of light at different times.  It will usually have anywhere from 3-5 bulbs, sometimes more. Some models have switches that are multi-switches that turn on in stages: turn once, twice or three times and a certain number of bulbs will turn on with each turn of the switch.  A multiple light floor lamp can come in many different configurations and designs. They are the perfect type of lamp when you want different levels of light at different times.

Floor Lamp with Table – If space is a premium and you want to maximize the space you have you may find a floor lamp that has a table integrated into it the perfect choice. This style of floor lamp can have many different variations and designs, from attached tables to magazine racks that are incorporated into the lamp base.

This can replace the normal end tables that are in some living rooms and replace them with a combination floor lamp and table that provide function as well as style.  They can also be used in the bedroom as a combination floor lamp/night stand with the same effect.

Floor Lamp with Shelves – Another great solution for homes that are lacking in storage space is a floor lamp with shelves.  It can hold things like books, knickknacks, reading glasses and anything you want to put on the shelf.  There are many different styles of floor lamps with shelves that you can look at for your home.  The shelves can be made from wood or various forms of metal. It is a great way to incorporate two needed elements into one convenient and stylish design.

Tower Floor Lamps – A tower floor lamp is a great way to add ambience to your rooms. The majority of tower lamps look like sculptures or works of art of some kind.  During the day they are more decorative and simply look like a piece of artwork.  At night they turn into a beautiful ambient light that puts off a gorgeous soft glow.  There are many different types and styles of tower lamps that fit all types of decorating styles.

Floor Lamp3Arc Floor Lamps – You will get drama, style and ambience with an arc floor lamp.  The long curved arm takes the light up and away from the base that is weighted.  The benefit to this design is that it can allow the base to be placed in one place and you can move the arm to where you need the light.  It is an inexpensive and simple way to add plenty of light to a room without having the expense of adding track lighting. Arc floor lamps are designed to shine a light over the back of a sofa or over a desk without taking up valuable desk space.


Floor lamps are a great way to add style and ambience to any room in your house. With all of the styles, sizes, colors and materials available when it comes to floor lamps you have plenty to choose from. The problem could be that there is too much to choose from and that can cause you to become overwhelmed unless you know what to look for.

The right information will help you sort through the hundreds of different styles and determine what will work the best in your home and provide you with the light and the look you want. Being able to understand the different types of floor lamps that are available and having a good idea what you need will result in you making a good decision for the floor lamps you purchase for your living room, den, bedroom or office.

Floor lamps are an inexpensive way to add the right kind of light and the right amount of light to any room in your house. This buyer’s guide and the reviews of the top rated floor lamps we have featured above will give you the means to make a decision that you will love for a long time to come.