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We looked at the 15 most popular granite cleaners on the market for ease of use, value, cost, brand reputation and customer reviews and comments. The three granite cleaners we have reviewed below topped the list in all of the categories. If you’re looking for a reputable cleaner that works great and keeps your granite looking like new, any one of these would be an excellent choice.

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  • Introduction

    Granite countertops are very popular in today’s kitchens. Not everyone knows this but it is not advisable to use regular household cleaners on your granite countertops. There are specific cleaners available that are specifically for cleaning granite countertops as well as other types of stone.

    Using regular cleaners can leave stains, streaks, watermarks and can even discolor or damage your countertops. If you are looking for a great granite cleaner there are a few things you will want to look for when you start searching.

    The purpose of this guide is to help steer you in the right direction when it comes to researching the different brands available. With the right information, sorting through the choices and eliminating the ones that don’t fit your needs is much easier.

    There are three steps involved in taking care of your granite countertops properly: clean, polish and seal. Follow the information and tips in this guide and your countertops will be beautiful for a long time to come.

    Top 10 List

    Rank Picture Cleaner Quantity (fl oz) Scent
    1 Granite Gold 64.00 Citrus
    2 Supreme Surface 8.50 Cucumber
    3 TriNova 18.00 Mandarin Orange
    4 Black Diamond 32.00 Fresh Flower
    5 Weiman 24.00 Apple Orchard
    6 SCI 32.00 Orange
    7 Formula 409 32.00 Country
    8 Method 28.00 Apple Orchard
    9 Better Life 16.00 Pomegranate, Grapefruit
    10 Granite CPR 18.00 Apple Orchard

    Granite Gold Daily Cleaner

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    This streak free formula deep cleans your granite with its reliable, streak-free formula that is safe for granite and other types of stone also include travertine, quartz, marble and more.

    This convenient refill body provides plenty of cleaner for daily use.

    There are no phosphates or ammonia in this product. It is non-toxic and non-acidic as well as being biodegradable.

    The pH balanced formula ensures the safest cleaning for your granite without any worry of damage or discoloration.

    The fresh citrus scent is very pleasant and makes the kitchen smell nice when you are done.  Granite Gold removes all kinds of spills and soil.

    Use it in place of regular cleaning products to avoid causing expensive-to-repair damage to the countertops.

    Supreme Surface Granite & Quartz, Cleaner

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    What could be easier than this all-in-one granite cleaner that out-shines and out-cleans the competition?

    Supreme Surface Granite and Quartz cleaner makes your countertops more vibrant and reflective and keeps the surface smoother as well.

    As a great bonus, it smells great too.  This pH balanced cleaner for granite has no abrasive chemicals, is biodegradable and non-toxic too.

    You won’t have any wax build up, residue or discoloration when you use this popular granite cleaner.  One bottle covers 6500 square feet and is commonly used by industry professionals.

    Using this product allows the bonds that keep grease and dirt on your counter to be broken so they can be easily wiped away. The protective barrier that this cleaner lays down won’t wash off and doesn’t leave a dulling film like regular cleaners can.

    The reflective, smooth surface is resistant to soap scum, hard water spots, mineral deposits, stains and dirt too.  Make your countertops look better than they ever have with Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner.

    Granite Cleaner and Polish for Daily Use

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    TriNova Daily Granite Cleaner is designed to be used every day on stone surfaces without any damage coming to them.

    Unlike regular household cleaners that can cause damage, discoloration or dulling, TriNova will keep your countertops looking beautiful and good as new.

    It leaves a shine on your counters as well as taking care of any spills and messes.

    Even under bright lights, your countertops will be mirror-like.

    This product has a pleasant scent also that will make your bathroom or kitchen.

    It contains powerful and safe cleaning agents that take care of dirt, grease and residue easily; the polymers that are in the cleaner bonding to the surface of the countertop and enhancing the protective layer that keeps your countertops ready for guests.


    Choosing the right granite cleaner is very important when it comes to keeping them looking as beautiful as the day they were installed. It is very important to choose a cleaner that is designed and created for granite and other stone surfaces. You want to make sure the cleaner is strong enough to make it sanitary but not so strong that is damages the surface.

    The three products we have featured above are all designed for granite and other stone countertops as well. Each one is created to provide plenty of strong cleaning power without the danger chemical cleaners and problems that go along with some cleaners.

    To learn more about choosing the right granite cleaner, read the buyers guide below. The information we have provided will help you tell a good quality granite cleaner from one that is less than good for your needs. The right information will ensure that you make a great selection that will keep your countertops in the bathroom and kitchen sparkling like new.

    Comparison Chart

    Granite Gold

    Supreme Surface


    Black Diamond



    Formula 409


    Better Life

    Granite CPR
    (fl oz)
    64 8.5 18 32 24 32 32 28 16 18
    Cleans Granite,
    solid surfaces
    Scent Citrus Cucumber  Mandarin
    Orange Country  Apple
    (sq ft)
    50,000 6,500 13,700 24,500 18,000 24,500 24,500 21,000 12,000 13,700
    Package 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1


    Buyer’s Guide

    Some Advices

    granite-cleaner1Getting into the habit of cleaning your granite countertops properly and they will last decades. There are many different types of foods that can etch or dull your granite. It is important to use hot plates or mats under hot dishes.

    Never take something straight from the oven to the granite or damage could ensue. There are certain ways that you should deal with different spills and messes to ensure that there is no damage. Granite is a stronger countertop than some other stones and don’t need the same type of care that other stones might.

    Taking Care of Spills

    If something gets spilled on your countertop, taking care of it is super easy. Blot the spill immediately remembering not to wipe the area at first. Blotting prevents the spill from getting wider. Flush the area with water and use your granite cleaner on it and you’re good as new again. Make sure you dry the countertop as well.

    Cleaners to Avoid and Why

    • Using Glass Cleaner – glass cleaners like Windex can damage a granite countertop permanently.  The damage gets caused by the dulling and pitting of the surface of the counter. It doesn’t happen immediately; it is usually done over time and extended use of glass cleaners. Glass cleaner can also damage the sealer that is on your countertops, causing it to be susceptible to stains.
    • Dish Soap – You would think that something like dish soap and water would be safe to clean your counter with and this is true; however, what dish soap WILL do is leave a residue and film that will dull your countertops and give them a milky look even if you use a towel to dry it off.  Avoid the soap and water and just use the granite cleaner and your kitchen counters will continue to shine.
    • Home brewed recipes – Anything like water and vinegar or water and dish soap are not the appropriate ways to clean granite counter tops.

    Although some may feel frustration at having to buy a specialty cleaner to keep their granite in beautiful condition, the cleaners are not excessively expensive, they last a long time and they work beautifully.  It is much better to spend the little bit of extra money rather than having to spend a lot of money repair or replacing the damage the general cleaners caused.

    Don’t Use These Products

    Never use the following to clean your granite countertops.

    • Lemons or lemon juice
    • Limes or lime juice
    • Vinegar
    • Ammonia
    • Windex
    • Bleach
    • Abrasive cleaners (like comet)
    • Scratchy sponges or brillo pads

    Don’t worry if you have already been using these things on your countertops. Just switch now and long term damage will be halted.

    Caretaking Routine for Granite

    granite-cleaner2Daily caretaking of your countertops can leave streaks but if you are using the right products this isn’t something you will have to worry about much at all. Taking care of the granite countertops is easy. Just follow the following time table.

    • Daily – Use the specialty granite cleaner each night after getting the dishes washed and the counters cleared.  Using the granite cleaner will sanitize and clean the counters properly with no damage.  Don’t over spray the cleaner; a little goes a long way.
    • Bi- Weekly – Polishing your granite countertops should be done around every two weeks or so.
    • Yearly – Once you have initially sealed the granite countertops, you should check to make sure that you don’t need to reseal them on a yearly basis. If you have used quality cleaner and they were sealed properly to begin with, you will more than likely not have to reapply the sealant for years.  Do the water drop test to ensure that the sealant is intact. (put a couple of drops of water on the counter and wait 5 minutes. When the seal is in good shape, the water will bead and remain on the counter)

    Don’t forget to clean the grout between any granite tiles you may have in the bathroom or backsplash in the kitchen.  This should also be done with a granite friendly cleaner.

    Questions to Ask about the Cleaner You are Considering

    When you are looking at different granite cleaners there are several things you want to ask yourself about it. We have listed these considerations below.

    granite-cleaner3This may seem like a lot of questions to ask to sort through granite cleaners but the majority of these questions can be answered by simply reading the bottle and sales description. It is worth it to take the time to ensure a good quality granite cleaner that has got all of the features you want especially since granite countertops are not cheap.  You want to take care of them so they look good regardless of whether it is the first day you have them installed or 5 years later.


    Granite cleaners are specialty cleaners that are designed for granite countertops.  Most of them are also compatible with other stone countertops.  It is important to use this type of cleaner when you have granite countertops in your kitchen or bathroom.  Using regular cleaners and abrasives can cause dulling film, discoloration, and even pitting on your expensive countertops.

    Even though you may not notice damage or discoloration right away from using products you shouldn’t be, it is an unnecessary chance to take when there is a simple and reliable alternative.

    The three granite cleaners we have featured above are great examples of products that have the kind of features you’re looking for. They are all great cleaners that provide sanitation of the areas as well as exceptional cleaning that results in mirror like finishes and a beautiful looking counter for years to come.

    The information in this buyer’s guide was designed to help you understand the cleaning process involved in cleaning granite and other stone and how to choose the right granite cleaner for your needs.

    There are some great products available so finding one that meets your needs and fits your budget will not be impossible. In fact, with this buyer’s guide and the information in it, choosing the right one will be super easy.