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The best ice bucket is well constructed and designed to keep the ice from melting and will have good capacity as well.  Our pick, Lenox Tuscany Classics Stainless Steel Ice Bucket, is a good example of all of these traits.

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  • The quality and construction of this elegant ice bucket can’t be beat. It’s exactly the kind of ice bucket you want to have for your entertaining needs.

    Winner: Lenox Tuscany Classics Stainless Steel Ice Bucket
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    Introduction to the Ice Buckets

    Purchasing the perfect ice bucket may seem like a fast, open and shut endeavor but with all of the choices available; it can actually become quite challenging if you don’t know what to look for. There are several things that you should look for when researching the different ice buckets available. Keeping these factors in mind when you are looking will help you sort through all of the choices and make a decision that will fit your needs the best.

    The purpose of this buying guide is to provide you with the specifics that involve choosing the right ice bucket. If you do a lot of entertaining, a good quality ice bucket is a must. We will make sure that you have the information you need to sort through all the available ice buckets and make an informed decision on the one that will be perfect for your needs and that will match your preferences.

    Top Ranked Ice Buckets

    Lenox Tuscany Classics Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

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    Lenox is a well known name in elegant entertaining ware and beautiful dishware. This gorgeous ice bucket has a lid and handles too. It measures 9 ¼” x 10 ¼”.

    It is made from stainless steel that is tarnish and rust free. This beautiful ice bucket has a gorgeous ring detail that coordinates with the Lenox Tuscany Classics barware and glasses. It holds plenty of ice for your parties and gatherings.

    As elegant as this ice bucket ice, it is still conveniently, dishwasher safe for easy clean up. The contemporary design fits in well with elegant décor and gives a touch of class to any gathering.

    The rounded handles on either side of the ice bucket is echoed on top of the lid. It is the perfect wedding gift. Fill it with ice cubes and set it out for holiday entertaining or even a more causal get –together among friends. This stylish and elegant ice bucket comes with a lifetime replacement policy.

    Caphalon Barware Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Set

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    The next time you have a holiday party or gathering; impress your friends and family with this elegant stainless steel ice bucket set by Caphalon.

    The perforated drain scoop makes getting ice out of the bucket simple and drains the water from the ice so all you’re putting in the glasses is ice. The sleek, curvy design looks terrific with any décor.

    It has durable, double-walled construction that keeps the ice formed longer and prevents moisture from developing on the outside of the bucket and making messes on your tables or countertops.

    This stylish bucket has a clear, glass cover so you can check the ice level at a glance. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and the perforated scoop comes with it to make an elegant and impressive ice bucket set that you will enjoy taking out to use when company comes over. This is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift for the couple that entertains a lot.

    OXO Steel Ice Bucket and Tongs Set

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    OXO has long since been a household name in quality kitchenware and this beautiful ice bucket is no exception.

    This is the perfect ice bucket for entertaining and includes features such as  double-walled construction that will keep the outside free from condensation while keeping the inside contents cold.  This construction slows down the melting process and keeps your ice in ice form longer.

    The clear, flip top lid is convenient for many reasons; you can check the ice level without opening the lid and when it comes time to add more ice, you’ll have easy access.

    The bottom channels of this ice bucket are designed to catch melted ice, keeping it away from the rest of ice so it all doesn’t melt quickly.

    The handle is easy to hold and features a secure, comfortable, non-grip that makes carrying it to where you want it to be easy and simple. It doesn’t matter whether you are serving mixed drinks for a holiday gathering or you are preparing delicious ice cold lemonades from your guests, this ice bucket will add class and elegance to the event.

    The tongs make retrieving ice super easy.  Although the tongs are dishwasher safe, it has been recommended to hand wash the ice bucket to keep it looking and performing good as new.

    Ice Bucket Summary

    Ice buckets are very handy kitchen and entertaining tools that are still just as useful as they have always been although they may not be used as much. Those who prize how things used to be will love using an ice bucket to serve ice to those guests who want their drinks to be “on the rocks”.

    There are several different types of ice buckets available on the market that the consumer can choose from. Some, such as our top pick, the Tuscany Classic ice bucket, matches other pieces in the set. Others are very understated and used in hotels to hold ice for the guests. We have listed help information that will help you sort through hundreds office bucket choices until you find the perfect one that fits your needs.

    The three top rated ice bucket choices featured above fit the description of the perfect ice maker. They are double-wall constructed to keep the ice formed longer and slow down the melting rate. This is just one feature that many ice buckets have that make them excellent considerations for your ice bucket needs.

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    Material Stainless
    Acrylic Styrene Galvanized
    Glass Stainless
    Color Chrome Chrome Chrome Chrome
    / Black
    Clear Silver Clear Chrome Chrome Clear
    Style Tuscany Barware Classic Flip Top Big
    Tub Dublin
    Premium Classic Champagne
    5 2 1 1 5 1 2
    600 650 231 500 1,500 1,155 288 115 81 112
    3.10 4.60 3.00 0.07 0.05 5.00 5.00 2.70 1.90 0.65


    Ice Bucket Buyers Guide

    There are many different uses for ice buckets. They can be used to provide ice for gatherings and get togethers. They can be used for keeping one bottle of wine cold and chilled for a romantic dinner or it can be filled with ice and placed on a table or counter so the guests can get their own ice and choose only how much they want to use.

    Ice buckets don’t only have to hold ice; they can be used for putting out oysters on the half steel or other similar type items. Regardless of the elegant look, your ice bucket can be used for any décor and scenario.

    Collecting Ice Buckets

    With all of the different, beautiful and unique choices for ice buckets on the market, it is an excellent item to collect. There are some that are beautiful art collector’s items that people want to collect rather than just use. If this is you, you will certainly have plenty of different styles to choose from so your collection is filled with beautiful, vintage ice buckets that you will be proud to show off.

    Ice Bucket Facts

    Ice buckets usually have lids to slow down ice melting even more. In many models, the lid will need to be turned to lock into place. Some of these lids have a hole that fits a wine bottle. This hole is big enough for the bottle, but not so big that air gets in and melts the ice.

    Ice Bucket Materials

    There are many different types of materials that are used for making ice buckets.  These materials can include glass, acrylic, crystal, wood and even silver or silver-plated.  Choosing the right material for your own ice bucket depends on the décor of your home and personal preference.  One of the most important properties your ice bucket will have is the type of insulation it has.

    You want to look for ice buckets that are double-wall insulated which has many jobs. First of all, double insulated walls prevent the ice from melting quickly.  It keeps the ice cold, and any cans or bottles you would slip inside it, cold as well.

    You have to decide what is more important to you:  double insulated walls or finding an ice bucket that looks great and matches the décor. The lid is one of the critical elements involved in keeping the ice from melting too quickly. Any ice bucket that doesn’t have a lid, will not keep the ice formed for very long regardless of the material the ice bucket is made of.

    If you choose an ice bucket that has no lid, make note that covering the ice bucket with a cloth napkin or towel will help keep the cold air in around the ice where it belongs. We have listed the more common and popular materials that are used in ice bucket construction below.

    • Stainless steel – This is a very popular material for ice buckets due to its gorgeous, polished look, the rust and tarnish free properties and the elegant look of the material.   Most ice buckets are made from chromium/steel mixture which is what makes it able to resist rust and corrosion.  If carbon steel was used, you could end up having a rust problem which would ruin the look and performance of the ice bucket. Stainless steel ice buckets come in a large variety of designs to match any home décor.
    • Wood – It may sound unusual for an ice bucket to be made of wood, but they are easy to find and are often looked at as collectible items due to their uniqueness.  The wood is on the exterior of the ice bucket and internally there is thick plastic liner that insulates the ice and prevents it from melting too fast.  Wooden ice buckets are made with decorative handles and styling and can look very retro or antique in design which appeals to many people.
    • Acrylic – This thick plastic looks just like glass but does not have the fragility of glass or the weight. It is a super strong material for an ice bucket and is often used in hotels due to its simple, unbreakable design and less expensive cost.  There are some acrylic ice buckets that are designed to look like crystal for a more decorative look.  Overall, acrylic ice buckets can come in many different shapes and sizes.
    • Silver – Silver ice buckets can either be actual silver, or sometimes they are silver-plated. Silver-plated ice buckets are available in many different designs and styles that can match any décor. The polished look of the metal adds a stylish and elegant look that works well for any gathering or event.   

      If you are looking to purchase a true silver ice bucket make sure that in the description it states that it is truly silver and not just silver colored.  Silver ice buckets will cost a lot more than silver plated or any other type of ice bucket and are usually designed for collectors.


    Ice buckets are not just a visual prop for gatherings; they are a useful functional item that provides ice to your guests during the holidays, cook outs, and other get-togethers. They come in all shapes and sizes and materials and can be a lot of fun to collect if you have a mind to. With so many thousands of different kinds on the market, it is easy to wonder how you will decide which one is the perfect one for your needs.

    That is where this guide comes in. It is designed to help you sort through all those choices and eliminate the ones that won’t provide the ice that you need. Ice buckets don’t have to be huge, but they should be large enough to handle a good amount of ice for your gathering so you are not constantly running back to the freezer to fill it back up.