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The best lawn edging will be beautiful, sturdy, easy to set up and long lasting too.  Our pick, RTS Home Accents Interlocking Border System, provides homeowners with gorgeous lawn edging that is very easy to install.

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  • We loved the fact that this edging had a real stone look and feel to it that matched the design of our home perfectly.

    Winner: RTS Home Accents Interlocking Border System
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    Introduction to the Lawn Edgings

    Lawn edging is used to separate sections of your yard for flower beds, gardens and other decorative elements to your yard. You don’t have to have any professional landscaping experience to create a beautiful yard. With all of the different choices available for lawn edging, you can create a spectacular yard that will provide a place of relaxation for you.

    If you don’t know a lot about lawn edge and all the different kinds there are, you may be overwhelmed once you find out just how many there are to choose from. There are a few things that you should look at before you start shopping. This buyer’s guide will help you learn what those considerations are so you can make an informed decision.

    The kind of lawn edging you decide to use will be determined by how functional it is and what your personal tastes are. Most homeowners already have an idea of what they want to do with their lawns. Take the time to be certain about what you want to achieve and then use the information in this guide to help you choose the perfect lawn edging for your needs.

    Top Ranked Lawn Edgings

    RTS Home Accents Interlocking Border System

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    You don’t have to spend tons of money to have a stone wall added to your yard when you use these interlocking stone look lawn edging pieces by Home Accents.

    Each section weighs about 9 pounds and provides the look and feel of real stone.

    They are super easy to assemble and can be configured in many different layouts. It is a good product for year round use and you won’t have to worry about it cracking or chipping.

    A benefit to using this lawn edging is that it extends the growing season by keeping the plant roots insulated. There are 4 straight lawn edging pieces in each pack that come with 18” spikes as well.

    You can surround flower beds, make an area for a pond, outline a garden or any number of other designs with these attractive and functional lawn edge pieces. The “walls” are 10” high and each piece is 48” long.

    EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging 5″ Slate

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    This galvanized steel lawn edging doesn’t require any stakes and comes all in one piece that will stick right into the ground as well as connecting to each other. Each section measures 39” long. And is flexible too so you can set up corners and curves.

    This edging is made in England where it is the pick for beautiful lawns. The attached spikes that go into the ground are 3” long, plenty long enough to securely keep the edging in place.

    Each package has 5 sections and they are available in 3”, 4” or 5” heights and there are four colors to choose from: black, slate, Cor-Ten, and brown. Each section is protected with a powder coating for keeping it looking great.

    Emsco Group Trim Free Landscape Edging

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    This lawn edging provides home owners with plenty of edging to get all their landscaping projects done.  It is super easy to use and very versatile as well.  It looks just like terra cotta pieces but us weather resistant and long lasting.

    The edging along the bottom reduces the need to do any kind of trimming once you have mowed.   Each pack includes super long spikes that you can easily tap into the ground to keep the pieces in place.

    These unique lawn edging pieces will transform the look of your flower beds and can provide a neat, manicured look to your lawn. Many people use them around flower beds, to frame trees and for much more.

    Lawn Edgings Summary

    There are many ways to separate different sections of your lawn. Lawn edging comes in many different forms including wooden fencing, concrete blocks, stones or stone look plastic and much more. With all of these choices it may feel overwhelming to figure out which ones will give you the look you are after but it’s not as complicated as it may seem.

    The first step in choosing the perfect lawn edging for your needs is to know what those needs are. Deciding what sections you want to create in your yard and what you want those sections to look like is an important pre cursor to purchasing the lawn edging that will allow you to create that look in the real world.

    If you are looking for something different than the three top rated lawn edging choices we have reviewed above, read our buyer’s guide for extra information and tips on how to find the perfect lawn edging for your needs. The information in this buyer’s guide will help you understand the different lawn edging offerings available and how to ensure that you are purchasing quality products.

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    Lawn Edging Buyers Guide

    There are plenty of benefits that adding edging to your lawn provides.  We have listed the most common ones so you can see how investing in the right edging can benefit you.

    • Saves time with weeding and trimming
    • Keeps your mulch and soil where you want it to stay such as around flower beds and trees.
    • Provides a barrier to prevent the lawn from crowding out the flower beds.
    • Adds value to your home by improving the curb appeal of your yard
    • Shows off flowers and other features in your yard that you want to stand out.
    • Complements the house
    • Provides a clean mowing line
    • Adds decorative elements to your yard without having to spend tons of money

    Types of Edging

    The four main types of edging include strip edging, spade-cut edging, wood edging and masonry among others.  Decide which edging will match the style of your home the best. You want to choose edging that will complement things and not look out of place.  Each type of edging has its own advantages that we will go over for you. Remember when you are choosing the edging that you take the climate you live in into consideration since some types of edging does better in certain climates than others do.

    • Strip Edging – This type of edging consists of a shallow divider that is anchored underground. The top part of the edging is visible to separate the areas of the lawn that you are dividing. Strip edging is an excellent choice for when you want to create curved areas in your yard. It can be purchased in plastic or metal. The plastic varieties are the least expensive and are less complicated to install.  Metal edging is available in aluminum or steel and is a lot less flexible than the plastic. It will last a lot longer though.
    • Spade-cut Edging – This is a very simple choice for making separate areas in your yard.  All you have to do to install spade cut edging is dig a narrow trench around the area where you want the edging to go and then set the edging pieces inside the trench.  Spade-cut is the least expensive of all the choices.
    • Wood Edging – Wood lawn edging is sold in sections of different lengths and can be available in different heights as well. Wood edging is usually available in flat boards or round logs. Wood that is used to make edging includes: cypress, redwood, and cedar.  These types of wood are naturally resistant to rot even when it is next to the soil.  If you have larger landscaping projects to do you can choose pressure treated wood which is also moisture resistant.
    • Masonry Edging – This type of edging will be made from stone, concrete or brick.  Stone makes beautiful lawn edging and can be picked to match the stone in your own home.  Cement borders are also attractive, especially when they are rounded on the top or otherwise decorative.  Masonry edging comes in sections which makes installation much easier.
    • Landscape Timbers – These large pieces of wood are often used to create gardens and flower beds.  They can be completely round, square, or rounded with flat sides.  They are not usually expensive and are easy to find. You can lay the landscape timbers out singly or stack them for a “fence” look. Keep in mind that they will not stay stacked unless there is something holding them together.
    • Plastic Edging – This edging is very simple in design but very functional.  It is available in lengths of 20 to 60 feet.  Depending on the model, the edging may have UV resistant properties that will help keep the edging from cracking or fading.
    • Steel Edging – Steel edging can come in different colors and is usually powder coated to offer rust protection.  It is available in different heights and lengths.  Steel edging is a little flexible but doesn’t bend like plastic can and is more expensive than plastic as well.

    Lawn Edging Tips

    Keep in mind that once you have your edging purchased you will have to install it or have it installed. The simpler installation is the faster you can get your new lawn edging in place. One of the things to remember when it comes to lawn edging is to reduce your work over the long term by installing it correctly in the short term. You also need to choose lawn edging that works the best for the climate you live in. Also be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

    Before you begin installing your edging, make sure that the lawn has been prepped by cutting an edge that is between the lawn and the flowerbeds so there is a definite border. Mark off the border with string so you can follow the lines you want to create with your edging. Once the string is laid you can measure it with a tape measure so you know how much lawn edging you will need for your landscaping projects.

    Many people just hammer the edging into the ground but if you want to truly make it last, dig a narrow trench to set the edging into. The trench should be 4-6 inches deep. Once your edging is in place, make sure the tops are even unless you want it to be uneven on purpose.


    Lawn edging is a great way to add curb appeal and value to your home. It can be done to fit almost any budget and the different types of edging and the ways you can use it are almost endless. Whether you just want to border off your flower beds or you want to create a beautiful showpiece for a yard, there are plenty of choices available that will help you achieve your yard goals.

    The three edging choices featured above touch on several of the types of edging available. All of them are easy to install and look terrific to help transform your yard into something really special.

    The information in this guide is designed to introduce you to the different types of edging you can choose from as well as the materials those edging choices are made from and the features they may have.

    After you have made the decision on what you want to do with your yard, you now have the information that will help you make the right decisions on the edging you purchase. You can be confident that your decision will be the perfect product to get those yard ideas from your imagination to reality.