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Introduction to the LSAT Prep Books

When you look for resources to self study for the LSAT you will be bombarded with tons of choices. With so many choices available it is very easy to become confused or overwhelmed with trying to figure out which books are the right ones for your needs.

The purpose of this guide is to help you find the best possible LSAT prep book for your needs that will give you everything you’re looking for. It can be very easy to be misguided on your own and end up with books that are not very good quality so it is important that you take care when researching.

There are some other factors that you will want to look at as well to ensure that the LSAT book you purchase is one that will help you achieve your goal of passing the LSAT with the best possible score you can get.

Top Ranked LSAT Prep Books

The Official LSAT SuperPrep

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If you are looking for a superior resource for getting ready for the LSAT, look no further than SuperPrep, the Official LSAT resource guide.

It is considered the most comprehensive LSAT preparation book you can get.

Written by the Law School Admission Council, this is one of the best books on the market for preparing for and passing this important test.

Included in this great LSAT Prep Book are 3 complete PrepTests, explanations for every item is all 3 of the PrepTests.

This includes Dec 2010, June 2011 and a third undisclosed LSAT.  You will be able to simulate actual LSAT conditions for you to practice your tests in.

There is also a guide to LSAT logic and sample Comparative Reading questions along with explanations.

Self study with this comprehensive guide will have you ready and feeling good about taking the LSAT.

The LSAT Trainer: A remarkable self-study guide

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If you are self-motivated and a self starter, the LSAT Trainer is just the book you need.

This amazing self- study guide is designed for the student who can motivate themselves and keep themselves on track while studying for this very important exam.

The purpose of this preparation guide is to improve LSAT scores.

It is the most indispensable resource for preparing for the LSAT that you can have.  It doesn’t matter whether you are brand new to the LSATs or have been studying for awhile, this preparation book will help you with strategies, solutions, drills and more.

Included in the LSAT Trainer are more than 200 official LSAT questions which have real-time solutions, over 30 unique drills that are designed to help users develop skills and habits that are LSAT specific,  strategies that are simple and battle tested for any and all types of logical reasoning question, the logic game and reading comprehension.

There is also unlimited access to a multitude of free notebook organizers, study schedules and more.   Use the LSAT Trainer and you will find that you are completely prepared for making a great score on the LSAT.

Master the LSAT

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One of the keys to truly being prepared for the LSAT is to study problems that are in the real LSAT format. Without this, you are not really going to improve your chances of doing well when test time comes.

The best way to study LSAT formatted information is to study real LSAT tests.  Master the LSAT contains the detailed and helpful solutions to real LSAT questions.

These questions have been selected to cover every type of questions that has been on the actual LSATs over the last few years.

There is also a detailed, complete analysis of 2 official LSATS.  The solutions to these questions will help you get used to the different analytic techniques that will help you ace the LSATs and do well all through law school as well.  The LSAT is based on logic to access and measure the intellectual ability of potential law students.  Because it is based on logic, the test is hard but the good news is that it is predictable as well.

This LSAT prep book features many different premises that will help increase the overall score that you end up with.  When you purchase Master the LSAT you will be able to accomplish several things in regards to preparing yourself for this important test.   These things include:

  • Learning important and powerful techniques for diagramming along with step-by-step strategies that can help you find the correct answer to all types of game questions that are on the LSAT.
  • Learning the base principles of logic that the questions are based on and discovering the simplicity of the problems presented.
  • Developing the know how to decipher what type of questions are likely to be drawn out from the passage you’re reading.  This will be accomplished through counter-premises, critical words, etc.
  • Using the insight and hints along with partial solutions to go from seeing the LSAT problems to being able to find the solutions on your own.

Other features of Master the LSAT include the conversion charts for scoring, writing samples for each type of test, a listing of the average LSAT scores among all of the 153 ABA approved law schools, and invaluable LSAT test prep software.

The software features a mentor mode and a test mode.  In the mentor mode, you find out whether you solved the problem correctly right away and you can immediately access a detailed solution to the problem you answered.  The test mode allows you to take a timed test that is scored by the program which is great practice for taking the actual test.

LSAT Prep Books Summary

Preparing for the LSAT can be a very stressful endeavor if you don’t have the right resources and materials. It is important to ensure that you have the best preparation books you can find, that are updated and that use actual LSAT tests to base their study guides on.

The three LSAT preparation books we have reviewed above are the best of the best when it comes to preparing yourself to take and do well on the LSAT. These excellent books have actual LSAT questions and solutions that they use to help the student get ready. All three of the books have practice tests that simulate the actual test so you can get a good feel for how the test will actually be.

If you want to learn more about choosing the best LSAT prep books, read our buyer’s guide below. We have provided the information you need to sort through all of the books that are on the market so you can make the right choice for your needs. Studying for the LSAT can be stressful if you don’t have the right materials. This guide will help you feel confident that you can solve the problems and do well on the test.

LSAT Prep Book Buyers Guide

Info You Must Have

There are several ways that you can get the right information you will need to properly and sufficiently prepare for taking the LSAT.  You can choose several different books or you can look for a good all-inclusive, comprehensive book that has everything you need in one place. Whichever method you decide to take, the fact remains that you want to choose the best resource or resources you can so you will do well on the test.

lsat-prep-book1Look for consistency and also look for resources that don’t have you picking up a different book for every section of the LSAT.  It is much easier to focus and really get the most out of a prep book if it is also convenient and easy to use and carry.

Although some people feel many different resources can be beneficial, if you take the time to really find a great book that has everything you need and that has favorable feedback from consumers who have purchased and used it, you will be much farther ahead and get much more out of it.  Below we have covered the different factors that are important in a good LSAT prep book and have added some specifics about each section.

  • Logical Reasoning – It’s always good to get as much information as possible from experts when it comes to logical reasoning.  There are many different tips and ways of thinking that people use to solve logical reasoning questions.  Logical reasoning can have different approaches that are used to solve the problems, so being familiar with those different approaches will help you be able to solve any type of logical reasoning question and not just one type.
  • Reading Comprehension – Reading comprehension may require a lot of practice to improve if you struggle with this skill.  Focus on the strategy that is suggested in the book you purchase and then practice that strategy for awhile and see how you do.  If you continue to get better with each problem, then you are on the right track.  It’s only necessary to look for other resources if you see that you are not improving in this area.
  • Logic Games – There are a couple of ways to approach the logic games.  If you’re the type that enjoys having more than one way of doing the same thing, then learning a couple of different methods can serve you well as long as you realize and understand that you have to choose only ONE way when you are actually solving the problem so you don’t get distracted.

Using a couple of different resources is a good way to learn how to see things in more than one way.  A problem can develop if you don’t give the different strategies a chance to sink in. Switching from one method to another without really learning any of them well can be a disservice to you. Give each strategy you learn a few weeks before you make a judgment call as to whether it works or doesn’t work for you.

Once you reach the last month of studying for the LSAT you should be locked into the strategies you will be using on the different sections and games.  If you need to make small changes that is fine but switching strategies completely so late in the studying process is a really bad idea.

Should You Use Multiple LSAT Books?

If you have given yourself a 3 month time frame to study for the LSAT you will want to be certain to give yourself an outline that will help you stay organized and focused. Give yourself some extra time at the beginning of the time frame to settle in and get used to the LSAT prep book that you have decided on.

lsat-prep-book2A few weeks will be plenty. During this time, get into the habit of your study game plan and using the new resources that you have purchased. Start with one section at a time so by the time the three months starts, you are familiar with using all of the sections.

It is fine to purchase more than one resource for studying the LSAT. Even purchasing two of the books we have reviewed will help you because you will be able to learn different information, tips, advice and strategies for each resource you choose.


Studying for the LSAT takes time and dedication to the process. You will find that the strategies you feel most comfortable with and the ones that make the most sense to you will be the ones that come to mind the easiest when you are solving problems. That is normal and there’s nothing wrong with going with your natural tendencies. One big mistake you can make is feeling like there is only ONE “magical” way to unlock your ability to do great on the LSATs.

The main idea is to learn the techniques you find, practice them until they become second nature to you and don’t over think the process. There are probably a thousand different ways and methods for studying for the LSAT. The main thing they all have in common is purchasing the resources that speak to you and then stay the course. It won’t be easy but when you get that test result back with your great score, it will definitely have been worth it.