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Introduction to the Slip N Slides

During the warm months, it is always a lot of fun for kids to play on a slip n slide. These toys are a lot of fun and a great way to keep cool when it’s hot outside.  It’s like having a backyard water park especially if the yard has a little bit of a slope or hill to it to make sliding even more fun.

There are several decisions you will need to make before you decide on the right slip n slide that is perfect for your yard. You want to decide ahead of time which features you and the kids want the most.

Things like the length of the slide, a slide with a lot of sprinklers or wave slides that have some bumps to go over are all potential features that you can choose from.

There are many different types of slip n slides available on the market. They all have their own set of features that can potentially meet the buyer’s variety of needs.  You will also want to look at factors such as how many children will be using the slip n slide and how big your yard is.

We’ll help you look at the different options and features and decide which slip n slide is the best one for what you and the kids are looking for.  This information makes the purchasing process much easier.

Top 5 Slip N Slides

Rank Picture Slip N Slide Dimensions (Inches) Warranty (Months)
1 Banzai 192 x 58 3
2 Wham-O Double 180 x 15 12
3 Wham-O 180 x 11 12
4 Wahii 600 x 144 12
5 Little Tikes 120 x 24 6

Speed Blast Dual Racing Slip N Slide

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This fun, dual racing slip n slide provides tons of fun for your kids, two at a time!

It comes with two inflatable bodyboards for even more enjoyment.

There is a repair patch and ground stakes included to keep the slip n slide in place while it is being used.

It has two lanes for sliding that end in a splash pool that has an inflatable bumper.

The slip n slide measures 16’ x 58”.  For even more fun, set it up on a flat or declining surface for slide races.

This slip n slide has jets of water to keep the slide smooth from the starting point to the finish line.

Whoever gets to the splash pool first is the winner of this slip n slide race. Set up is super easy. Just attach the hose to the 16 foot runway and it’s all set to start having tons of fun.

Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double

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This original Wham-o slip n slide will provide your kids with plenty of outdoor summer fun.

The easy set up is very popular and features a 1 step connect and go with a bumper that is self filling.

The hydro-glide technology provides a super fast slide that they will enjoy for hours at a time.

There is a 15 foot slide and a splash pool at the end for any hydroplaning that goes on.

It is perfect for ages 5-12 and has 2 slide boogie boards included for even more sliding fun.

Slip n slides have been around for years and kids love them just as much now as they did in the beginning.

This water toy will provide your kids with plenty of summertime cooling fun. It’s a great way to beat the summer heat with lots of physical activity as well. There is plenty of room for two children to slide at the same time for racing excitement that is enhanced with the jets of water that spray out all along the length of the slide.

Slip ‘N Slide Waverider

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Surf Rider’s slip n slide is 16 feet of terrific fun that includes a wall of water that runs down the side and at the bumper area as well to keep the slide slippery and fun to race on.

It has 2 anchoring stakes and 2 patch repair kits.  Set up is easy and fast with the connect-n-go technology.

The water wall keeps the slide filled with water so you stay soaked and sliding easily the whole way down.

This waverider slip n slide is just the summertime toy for ages 5-12.

When it’s hot outside and there is no access to a pool, this fun slip n slide will cool them down and keep them happy, occupied and having fun all summer long.

Slip N Slides Summary

Slip n slides are one of the most popular summertime water activities around. Their popularity hasn’t changed much over the years and today’s kids love it as much as the kids of the 60s and 70s did.

These three slip n slides below are all excellent choices and provide the user with long lengths of slide, plenty of fun features like water fountains that spray the entire length of the slide to the splash pools at the end for a big finish.

If you have a great space to lay one of these slides, you will find that your kids are not complaining of heat and boredom anymore.  They are the perfect way to cool off while having loads of fun. All three slip n slide designs are well made and two of them offer dual, side by side sliding which provides the fun challenge of slide racing too.

Read more about slip n slides in our buyer’s guide below. This information will help you select the right slip n slide for your needs and preferences.  The factors and decisions that you will want to make will help steer you towards the perfect one for your yard.

Compare: The 5 Best Rated Slip N Slides

Slip N Slide Comparison Table


Wham-o Double



Little Tikes
192 x 58 180 x 15 180 x 11 600 x 144 120 x 24
Bodyboards 2 2 0 0 0
Material Plastic Composition,




UV Plastic Vinyl
3.9 3.5 1.9 30 9.5
Age (years)
> 5 5 – 12 5 – 12 > 5 2 – 8
3 12 12 12 6


Slip N Slide Buyers Guide

Things to Consider Before You Buy

There are several things for you to consider before you decide on a slip n slide.  These considerations will help steer you in the right direction and ensure that you choose the one you need.  We’ve listed these important considerations below:


  • Safety Features – Safety is always a priority when it comes to a child’s toy.  Slip n slides are recommended for ages 5 to 12 and adults shouldn’t be using it. The weight of an adult could cause them injury when they run and attempt to slide.  Be certain that you have a place to set up the slip n slide that is free of debris, sticks, and rocks. This prevents them from getting injured on the rough ground as they are sliding.
  • Designs – There are several different themes or designs that slip n slides are available in.   They also have models available that feature specific sports like basketball that will have a hoop along the slide for the child to attempt shooting a basketball through as they slide, to character themed designs that appeal to children of all ages.  Also think about how many different lanes you want to have which will allow for more than one child to slide at the same time.
  • Length of the Slide – Slip n slides can range in length from 15 feet to as long as 75 feet if you have the space for one that long. Choose a length that can be accommodated by the size yard you have.  You want them to end up in a safe place at the end of the slide as well so make sure you choose a length that won’t have them ending a couple of feet from a fence or other obstacle.

Features of a Good Slip n Slide

There are many different features to choose from that slip n slides may feature.  Each one will have its own set of features so it is important to know ahead of time what features are important to you and the kids.

You can sort through all the different slip n slides that are in the market by focusing on the features that sound the best to you.  It helps automatically eliminate the ones that will not work for what you are looking for. We’ve listed the most commonly seen features that slip n slides generally have below.

  • Double/Triple Lanes – Most families have more than one child so having a slip n slide that allows them to run and slide together can make the whole experience even more enjoyable and fun for them.  Rather than one having to stand in line and wait, they can go at the same time. This makes racing and slip n slide parties a lot more fun as well.  The width of multiple lane slip n slides is much wider than the traditional single lane model.  There are plenty of sprinkler holes that separate the lanes to keep everyone getting sprayed and to keep the slide wet throughout the whole length of the slide.
  • Extra Length – Most basic slip n slides are around 15 to 16 feet. The slip n slide manufacturers offer longer versions for those who are looking for something with a lot more slide than the traditional offers.   Slides can come in lengths that range from 18 feet to the super long models that are as long as 75 feet. Shorter slides work well in small, flat yards while the super long ones are perfect for yards that have a nice slope to them.
  • slip-n-slide2

  • Inflatable Boogie Boards – Many of the slip n slides that are available provide inflatable boogie boards for the children to use. The floats offer protection to the child’s body as they dive onto the slide’s surface and increase the sliding fun.
  • Splash Pools/Bumpers – Many slip n slides offer a splash pool or bumper at the end of the slide for the child to end up in. This shallow “pool” provides a big splash ending that is a lot of fun. It simulates the same premise that a waterpark offers at the end of their slides when the child slides into a pool although the little splash pools at the end of slip n slides are not that deep.
  • Other Features – There are many more features that are seen with the different models of slip n slides. These features can include things like inflatable tunnels that the child can slide through that have plenty of water to drench them with as they slide through, zigzag versions that add some style to the usual straight varieties of slip n slides, markers to make slide racing fun and competitive, and even fun water bowling pins that the kids can knock over as they become the bowling ball.


If you’re looking for a great way to keep the kids entertained and cool on hot summer days right in your own yard, look no further than a great slip n slide. If your children are 12 and under, you will find that you don’t need to do anything else other than have them get their swimsuits on, hook up the slip n slide you have chosen, and sit back and watch the fun begin. Don’t forget to have a safety talk before they play.

Make sure that before you choose the slip n slide that you want to purchase, you take into consideration the factors we have listed including the size of your yard, the number of children that will be playing on the slide, and the extra features that you would like to have with the slip n slide model you choose.

You will enjoy watching your kids shout and laugh as they go down the slide over and over again. The younger your children are, the more like a waterpark your slip n slide will feel like to them. It’s an inexpensive way to have a ton of fun in your back yard.