Best Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler

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Introduction to the Water Coolers

Water coolers are most often seen in offices and other places of business but they are gaining popularity in homes as well. They are also sometimes called a bottled water cooler and even a water dispenser although there is a distinct difference between a water cooler and a water dispenser. A water dispenser doesn’t cool the water.

A water cooler is a good  way to easily get plenty of water on a daily basis. For ten years, the benefits of drinking water have been known. It can increase energy, flush out toxins, improve your complexion, enhance the immune system and other benefits as well.

There are several different things that you will want to consider when you are comparing different models of water coolers. With so many different choices available, you want to get the best water cooler you can for the budget that you want to work within. Water coolers are designed to dispense bottled water through one or two small faucets that are in the front.

Top Ranked Water Coolers

Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler

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Cooling capability is the most important feature of a water cooler and this Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler has plenty of water cooling power. The technology that whirlpool uses forms ice inside the water tank and delivers cold, 40 degree water consistently.

The commercial grade compressor and thermostat outlasts the competition due to the cycling time which is much less than others do.

The frame is made of solid steel and will take hundreds of pounds of top pressure with no problem. The faucets are unbreakable with normal use and the cooler is compatible with 3 and 5 gallon bottles.

This water cooler is strong and long lasting and will provide your family with all the super cold water they can drink. As important as water is to good health, this is a great way to get that water requirement in, in a way that won’t feel like a chore.

Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler

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Avalon’s Top Loading Water Cooler has both hot and cold water that is made with style. The easy to use spouts are convenient and simple. All you have to do is press the cup against the paddle to fill your cup with hot or cold water.

The compressor is efficient, producing super, ice cold water or water so hot it csn cook tea or coffee right from the cooler. There is a child safety lock on the hot water faucet to protect little ones from getting burned.

The Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler is designed to hold the Avalon 3 gallon filter bottle which eliminates the need to buy bottles of spring water to refill the cooler. This cooler is UL listed, and complies with all the standards of Energy Star.

The design of this water cooler enables you to put it anywhere in your home and it won’t take up a lot of space. With the top loading dispenser you will be able to keep track of the water level and will know when to fill it.

Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Hot, Bottom Loading Water Cooler

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Hamilton Beach’s water cooler uses two different sizes of water bottles: 3 and 5 gallon.  It has stainless steel water tanks that are food grade and that provide clean, cold water whenever you want it.  The bottles are loaded from the bottom.

Users can have hot, cold or room temperature water with the push of a button. This makes it easy to use the water cooler to make cold and hot drinks as well as soups and other things too.

The bottom loading technology ensures no spills in the home or the office.  Installing the bottles is very easy and very quick as well.  There is no heavy lifting to load the bottles.

There is a flashing indicator light that flashes when the bottle needs to be replaced. There is a drip tray in the bottom that is removable as well as dishwasher safe.

Measurements for this cooler are 45” tall and 14” wide and the white finish goes with any décor.  You will not need any filters for this convenient water cooler.

The LED light that helps users see where to fill their water even in low light conditions is very convenient, especially if you get thirsty late night.  There is a power down switch for  both types of tanks. The energy star compliant water cooler is EATL certified and has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Top Rated Water Coolers Summary

Water coolers are a great way to provide constant cold water that is ready whenever you are thirsty. Many of the water cooler models have taps for cold and hot water and some have room temperature water as well. They don’t take up a whole lot of room and they fit in well with most décor.

The three top rated water coolers featured above are all excellent candidates for anyone looking for a good quality water cooler. They are manufactured by well known companies and offer a lot of features and benefits.

Our buyer’s guide below will provide even more information about finding the right water cooler for your home or home office. The knowledge this guide will provide you with will help you make the right decision for your needs and preferences without any struggle or confusion.

Water Cooler Buyers Guide

What to Consider While Shopping for a Water Cooler

Water Cooler1Water coolers are typically available in two types: countertop units or freestanding units. Both styles are popular and pretty much offer the same features. Countertop models are usually a little less expensive than the freestanding ones. Depending on the kind of unit you purchase, you will either need to purchase bottles that are used in the unit or purchase one special bottle that is refilled and uses a filtration system so the water that is dispersed is filtered.

Types of Water Coolers

There are several different types of water coolers on the market for buyers to choose from. We have listed the different kinds below so you can tell the difference between them while you are doing your research.

  • POU system – This is the most expensive type of units but they are very convenient if you have a water line to tap into.  They eliminate the need to purchase water bottles and provide a continual source of water for all your drinking needs.
  • Top Load Water Cooler – The top loading variety of water coolers usually cost less than point of use coolers. They don’t take long to set up initially and don’t require any special connections.  All you need is a place to put the unit, purchase a 2, 4 or 5 gallon bottle, put it on the unit and plug it in.  That’s all there is to it!
  • Bottom Load Water Cooler – With this type of water cooler, the bottle fits into a cabinet that is in the bottom of the unit.  The bottles are not as difficult to maneuver because they go in the bottom of the water cooler and not on top.
  • Countertop Water Cooler – If space is at a premium, or you’re looking for a water cooler for a vacation home or small apartment, a countertop model is a perfect choice. They save space and money but work essentially the same as the freestanding models.

Features to Look for When Shopping for Water Coolers

Take a look at the different features that a water cooler can offer.  Deciding on the features that are important to you ahead of time will help steer you towards the right water cooler for your needs.

    • Hot and cold water choices – Some of the water cooler models offer both hot and cold water. This is great for hot tea, coffee, soup and other things that hot water is good for.

Water Cooler2

  • Purification System – A good filtration system kit is designed to remove sediment, lead, chlorine, and other small particles from the water. These are used mostly with point of use systems, but there are freestanding models that have special filtration bottles that do something similar.
  • Cup Holders – Some models of water coolers offer internal or external places that cups can be stored for the water cooler.
  • Drip Tray – The drip tray helps keep the clean up easy and prevents messes from overflowing water.
  • Conversation Kits – These kits aid in getting the POU set up to work on an existing water line
  • Hot Water Safety Lock – This valuable safety feature keeps children from getting burned accidentally by the hot water faucet.

Water Cooler Cleaning & Maintenance

Once you decide on a water cooler there are things you can do to ensure that it stays in good working order and lasts a long time.  You want to do regular maintenance and upkeep so nothing gets clogged or messed up from not being cleaned. Below, are the steps that you need to follow every three months or so.

    • Make sure the unit is unplugged from the wall outlet before doing any cleaning or maintenance
    • Remove the bottle of water from the unit
    • Turn the dispenser so the back of it is facing away from the wall
    • Get a 2 gallon bucket and put it under the drain plug that is located at the back of the dispenser
    • Remove the left over water from the cold reservoir by dispensing from each tap into a bucket or pitcher
    • Remove the problem assembly by turning it counter clockwise
    • Remove plastic baffle from the inside reservoir
    • Using a soft cloth and a mixture of tap water and unscented household bleach, clean the baffle and probe assembly. Be sure to rinse thoroughly after wiping.
    • Using the same mixture, wipe inside the reservoir and area around both taps with a soft cloth. If there is mineral buildup is present, use a product that gets rid of lime, rust and calcium
    • Rinse the water cooler system by pouring 1-2 gallons of regular tap water through the dispenser and into a bucket.

Water Cooler3

  • Remove the rest of the water from all reservoirs by dispensing them into the bucket or pitcher. Be sure to dispense the water from both taps.
  • Replace all the parts and put the water cooler back together
  • Turn the unit back around the proper way; add a new bottle of water and plug it back in.


Even though water coolers used to be more prevalent for business use, they are now commonly seen in homes as well. These water coolers provide a way to get all of the cold water you want, anytime you want.

Water is a very important part of staying healthy. People drink water for many different health reasons, from losing weight to cleaning up their complexions. A water cooler makes it easier to drink water even for those who may not like water that much.

There are many different types of water coolers on the market to choose from. Sorting through them can be a chore if you don’t prepare yourself ahead of time by knowing what your needs are. Once you have your needs pinned down, it is time to go through the different factors that you have learned to look at when deciding on a water cooler.

The information found in this buyers guide can help you sort through the choices, decide on the one you want and then maintain it properly as well. With the right information you will make the right decision and enjoy having a good quality water cooler for many years.