Choose a fridge-freezer from 7 adjustable speed settings to keep it running at its best

1. What type and size of fridge-freezer do I need?

First think about the space that you have available in your kitchen and where you’re going to put it.

The width you have available is most important here – standard tall fridge freezers normally measure between 50 and 70cm wide, while American-style fridge freezers are much larger (measuring up to 90cm+ wide).

Tip: To keep your fridge freezer running at its best, you’ll want to leave a small amount of space on each side.

See our guide for measuring the space for your fridge freezer.

Also consider the amount of fresh and frozen food you or your family will want to store. Fridge freezers come in a range of heights, with different fridge/freezer ratios:

If you prefer to store mostly fresh food choose a model with a larger fridge-freezer ratio (70/30 or 60/40 split)
Store a lot of frozen food? Opt for an equal fridge freezers split (50/50)
For a large family look out for taller models, up to 2m high
Tip: Some fridge freezers have thin wall technology, which gives you more space on the inside without any change to the external dimensions. Make sure to compare the internal capacity when you’re looking for yours.

The Samsung RSG5UUMH American-style fridge freezer uses this technology – along with adjustable shelving you can use to reorganise your fridge.

Get the Samsung RSG5UUMH.

Some models like the Beko CFMD7852X come with special shelves that can be converted between fridge, freezers or chiller to suit your storage needs.

Check out the Beko CFMD7852X.

2. Is it worth going for a frost-free model?

Defrosting a freezer takes a lot time and effort. You have to take out all of your food, unplug the freezer and then wait for the ice to melt before cleaning it up.

Pick a frost-free model and you’ll never be stuck with this chore again. Although they can be slightly more expensive than a standard fridge freezer, they stop ice from building up – making sure you maximise your storage space. They can also keep your energy bills down, as ice build-up means your fridge freezer needs to work harder.

Put an end to defrosting with the frost-free Beko CXFG1685W. It comes with clever freezer guard technology that means you can put it anywhere in your house and the food inside will stay frozen – whatever the outside temperature.

Get the Beko CXFG1685W.

3. Are food preservation features important?

Fridge freezers are becoming more advanced, with technology to keep your food fresher for longer.

Look out for a model with food preservation features that can keep your food fresher for longer – and reduce the amount you waste each week. With them you can:

Keep fruit and veg at its best with Blue Light technology that mimics the sun’s rays
Store fresh foods with twin cooling that keeps the fridge at the optimum level of humidity
Ensure fish or meat stays at its best with fresh zones that keep it at the right temperature
Lock in nutrients with the Fast Chill setting
Make your weekly shop last with the Hotpoint Smart SMX85 – fill it up with food then hit the super cool and super-freeze settings to quickly lower the temperature.

Get the Hotpoint Smart SMX 85.

4. Do I want a water dispenser and/or ice maker?

Pour yourself a glass of ice-cold water without even having to open the fridge by opting for a model with a water dispenser. Some can also dispense crushed or cubed ice.

You can choose from fridges that need to be plumbed in to your water supply, meaning you never have to refill any tanks.

Or you can choose one with a water filter you fill up from the tap. There’s no plumbing to worry about and you can put the fridge freezer wherever you want.

Tip: Plumbed-in fridge freezers need to be within 1.5 meters of a water source.

Look for a model with a slimline water tank that maximise the space available in the fridge door, like the Kenwood KFCD55X15.
5. Do I want to save energy and reduce running costs?

Remember your fridge freezer will be running 24/7 – so it’s important to consider the energy rating, as this will have an effect on the running costs.

All fridge freezers are rated between A+ and A+++ and the higher the rating, the better. Although these can be more expensive, you actually stand to save on your energy bills over time.

For a fridge freezer with an A+++ rating, try the ultra-efficient Samsung RB31. Choose from 7 adjustable speed settings to keep it running at its best – and at only 40dB you’ll barely hear it in your kitchen.