How Do I Clean and Sanitize a Wood Cutting Board?

Q: My 88-year-old nana recently passed. When going through her things, I found her old solid wood cutting board under the sink. Nana had to stop cooking a good 15 years ago due to a medical situation, so under the sink the board went. When I found it I instantly remembered her using it all the time.


It’s one piece of solid wood. It’s not butcher block or pieces of wood glued together. My question is this; how can I clean and sanitize the board? I’d love to be able to use it in my kitchen.

Sent by Amy

Editor: I’m sorry for your loss, Amy. It’s great that you have this wonderful and useful kitchen item to remind you of your Nana. Here are some suggestions on cleaning your cutting board:

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Readers, do you have any suggestions for Amy on how to clean and sanitize her wood cutting board?

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