How To Clean the Cooking Grates on My Gas Stove?

Q: I need the name of a product that would clean the medium-gray grates on my KitchenAid cooktop. The stains are caused by pots and pans over gas burners. I have used Bar Keepers Friend with a wet toothbrush. Removed some but not all, and it looks yucky to me.


I would also like the name of a product to clean/shine my brushed nickel faucet in the kitchen. I like clean and shiny. Thanks so much for your input.

Sent by Loretta

Editor: Give our tutorial on cleaning stove grates a try — we recommend using Bon Ami:

  • How To Clean Enameled Cast Iron Stove Grates

Readers, how do you clean your stove grates and brushed nickel?


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