How Do You Make Washing Dishes More Interesting?

Someone asked me yesterday what the worst thing is about writing a cookbook. I didn’t even have to think about it: “Dishes.” I feel guilty saying this, though, since my husband does nearly all the dishes in our household, so I don’t bear the brunt of this chore. Do you?

How do you make dishes less awful? Do you have little tricks or shortcuts? Do you do the dishes right away, or in the morning? Tell us all!

Regardless of whether you’re cooking dinner for one or rounds of recipes for testing, washing dishes is such a never-ending task, and it hits right when you’ve had a nice dinner and a glass of wine and want to relax.

On ordinary nights (read: when I don’t have four casserole pans going at once) I like to sort the dishes and cookware as I’m done with them, rinsing and stacking into orderly piles and slipping the utensils into hot soapy water. Then, in the morning, my husband washes up while the coffee is brewing.

This works pretty well for us, but still — dishes. Why hasn’t anyone invented the magic spell to deal with them?

I’d love to know your routines, your tips, your shortcuts! Do you use a dishwasher, or do all the washing up by hand? What makes it nicer or easier?

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