The Kitchen Care :How Many Jam Jars Is Too Many?

This is my cupboard before I took everything out

Day 13 Task: Declutter Dishes, Glasses, Tools & Gadgets

After feeling great about decluttering and organizing my pantry items, I was ready (even excited) to declutter my dishes, glasses, tools and gadgets. As is painfully clear in the above image, the cupboard holding my dishes and glasses reads like a jam and Mason jar crime scene. The jars lurk behind the dishes, waiting to attack. I’m ready to take charge of the situation.

I have four small cupboards where I hold my dishes, glasses, and Tupperware. I also have two holders for my large utensils, and a drawer for my silverware and smaller utensils. I took everything out and laid it on my kitchen island and coffee table to inspect.

Crime Scene #1: Dishes and Glasses

Crime Scene #2: Mugs, Dishes, Tupperware, and ????

Crime Scene #3: Tools and Utensils

After going over everything with my boyfriend, we decided to throw out or donate the things below: An irreparably gross storage container, a few insulated mugs that I never use, all of the black plates and bowls which we never use, a broken French press, some broken tools, and a couple ugly glass jars.

So we didn’t get rid of any of the jam jars or Mason jars that seem to be taking over the cupboards. My boyfriend argued that we use them for drinks and that they are all great storage containers. Fine. Did I make a mistake or will this all be solved by cleaning and organizing? I’ll find out for tomorrow’s assignment.

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