Latest Nest iOS app can control the temperature from your wrist

If true luxury is controlling the temperature of your home from your wrist, consider the latest update to the Nest iOS app the ultimate in living large. Just a few weeks after debuting its outdoor security camera, Nest is once again making moves, marking a sharp uptick in activity after a relatively long period of dormancy. With this latest app update (5.6.0), you can now tweak the temperature on your Nest thermostat by way of you Apple Watch, all without ever needing to open the iOS app.

To be fair, Android users will likely be bored by this news, as Nest previously rolled out support for all Android Wear devices. But for those still loyal to the iEmpire, this marks the first time they’ll be able to use a wearable to control their thermostat.

As per Nest’s own announcement of updates in the App Store, other improvements to the app include a new “Spaces” feature, which allows you to group “your Nest products by room and lets you see all your cameras at once.” You’ll also be able to see the live video feeds from all these cameras. Moreover, if you want others to also see what you’re seeing, you can now share a password-protected live view of your camera, which folks can access at In addition, Nest has added 1080p support for Dropcam Pro, as well as automatic video quality adjustment to help ensure users have a continuous, clear picture.


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The app update comes just a few days after some users noticed that they were unable to remotely connect to their thermostats, which was particularly bad timing given the heat wave that has plagued much of the U.S. this week. But that issue was quickly resolved, and these additional improvements just may be enough to win back the favor of Nest users. You can download the Nest app from the App Store for free here.

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