Match paint colors like a pro with the D battery-sized color muse device

Unless you buy a pallet’s worth of the same paint, color matching that certain blue you’ve fallen in love with is often a major pain — if not damn near impossible. However, with the recent launch of a small gizmo dubbed the Color Muse, anybody has the ability to quickly identify name brand paint and flooring in a mere matter of minutes. That is it. No more thinking you bought the correct color only to find out it is an entire shade off the original. With Color Muse, stress related to finding a proper paint match is a thing of the past.

Retailing for $49 via the popular anything and everything online shop Amazon, Color Muse not only boasts the ability to quickly match colors but it also has the capacity to tell users exact brands. Perhaps it is an English Custard-type yellow someone is after from a company like Sherwin-Williams — color muse’s color match brings up the possible color, as well as potential matches from other companies as well. The device even lets owners set up personal project templates and connects via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android-compatible smartphone.

color muse

“Color muse is a must have for lots of different people and uses,” the company said. “It’s a no-brainer for pros like interior designers, paint contractors, and facility managers. For all you home improvement do-it-yourselfers, Color muse can easily pay for itself in a weekend, saving you numerous trips back and forth to the hardware store to compare paint chips and such. Smart salespeople of everything from furniture to floor covering will use Color muse to set themselves apart –- all for under $50.”

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Comprised of a scanning sensor outfit with calibrated LEDs, the color muse is no bigger than a large D battery, meaning it is easily storable in a small tote, purse, or bag. Furthermore, the built-in battery features the ability to scan 3,000 times on a full charge before requiring more juice — via a USB charger, of course — and can stay dormant for up to six months without needed to be recharged. A technology some four years in the making, color muse is any interior designer, home owner, or hobby painter’s dream come true.