Hang Dish Gloves Over the Sink to Dry

Where We Cook: Hannah & Nathan’s Carriage House Kitchen

Look at this bright idea from one of our recent kitchen tours: Hannah and Nathan, the cooks in this kitchen, hang their dish gloves to dry right over the sink!

I only just noticed this as I was rereading this tour and I laughed out loud at the rather whimsical sight of these gloves dangling from their red yarn.

This lets the gloves drip dry right into the sink. It looks like Hannah and Nathan rigged a cord from the low ceiling over the sink, and if you also have a low beam or sill over your sink this wouldn’t be hard to do.But it’s also a practical, smart tip.

I could also imagine rigging a similar setup but placing it over a houseplant or herb pot.

What do you think? Would you hang your gloves over the sink? Do you even wear dish gloves? I don’t — but I’ve been wondering if it would be nicer on my hands.

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