Spring Kitchen Organization Guide

You have completed all your Spring Cleaning except tackling your kitchen. You most likely have put it off because looking into your cupboards is like looking into a dark, sad abyss. Here are a Couple of useful tips for organizing your kitchen which may inspire a fun cooking environment:

Reduce the content of your own cabinets:

Discard things you that are unusable like containers with missing lids

Donate items you never use

Relocate things that you seldom use (such as an ice cream or ice tea manufacturer ) into a deeper storage area


Categorize your drawers/cabinets: Most people have a silverware drawer, a combined utensil drawer, a towel/pot holder drawer, and perhaps even a junk drawer in their kitchen, but why not have a tea drawer for all your fancy tea along with a cabinet specifically for your additional kitchen tools (hand mixer, etc.)?

Clear your countertops: Your counters must just house things you utilize on a daily basis such as your coffee maker–put everything else in your cabinets to maximize your prep-space. If your countertop has turned into a”catch-all” for keys, cell phones, etc., consider an organizer like this one.

Tackle the spices: Check the expiration dates of all the spices in your cabinets. Most spices don’t go bad per se, but they really do begin to lose their flavor as soon as they are opened. Keep them away from the oven and light to help extend their shelf life. Another terrific way to arrange spices is to a rotating tray or a tiny one such as a Lazy Susan (ace tip: these may be used in the refrigerator, pantry, and sometimes even in the cabinets).

They create cabinets look so tidy! Group snacks in each container to remove wasted space and streamline the process of locating a snack. You may even add chalkboard stickers to help track your stock.