Best Stick Vacuum

Best Stick Vacuum

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Introduction to the Stick Vacuum Reviews

Every household and most businesses have a vacuum of some kind to keep messes at a minimum, especially if there is carpet around. We have done a lot of research online to gather all of the important information you need to know about these convenient household appliances so you know what the different styles and models can do.Stick vacuums are very popular because they are lightweight, usually bagless, and much easier to pull out of the closet quickly for unexpected messes.

Searching from site to site when you want to purchase something can be tedious and frustrating. Our stick vacuum review saves you lots of time by giving you the top three stick vacuums on most review sites. These three are customer favorites and we’re going to explain why they are so popular, the features they have and how to find exactly what you need.

Our goal is to educate consumers on stick vacuums and make it as convenient and simple as possible to sort through the different styles and models available. With all the information in one place you don’t have to worry that you will choose something that won’t fit your needs or that isn’t a good purchase. With complete information, bad purchases can be a thing of the past.

Top Ranked Stick Vacuum

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Review

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Why is it the Top Pick?

The Dyson name has become synonymous with great vacuums and the DC59 Cordless is no exception. The DC59 has 3 times the suction power of any other cordless vacuum in the market. It is very easy to maneuver and clean as well as store. It has a two-tier setting for cleaning the floor on carpet and hardwoods.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

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Why is it the Top Pick?

The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum uses Hoovers WindTunnel technology and delivers powerful suction for a great price. It’s perfect for both floor types (hardwoods and carpets), and has an 11-inch wide nozzle.

What are customers saying about the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum?

Customers agree this stick vacuum does an exceptional job and it’s the reason why it has over 4,000 reviews on Amazon. One user commented, “It’s the perfect vacuum.” There’s an overwhelming amount of reviews that agree it is very easy to use and easy to maintain as well.

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Review

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Why is it the Top Pick?

Bissell is definitely a well known and loved name in vacuums and this Bissell PowerEdge Pet is yet another great product in their lineup.  This dynamo gets the dirt and debris that it usually takes a broom and dustpan to get.

Its V shape directs the dirt into the center suction path while the ends gather all the debris along the edges of the room and along baseboards where dirt always seems to be left.  Amazingly enough there are no attachments needed to accomplish this.

You can clean easily around furniture legs and on low pile rugs making it perfect for restaurants and offices.  The swivel head makes getting around tight areas much easier.  There are no worries with bags, just empty the dirt cup and clean up is a breeze.  The 20’ power cord allows for plenty of movement before you have to change to another outlet.  This model is designed for hardwood floors and tile too.

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Review

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Why is it a Top Pick?

The sharp little Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik is great for vacuuming rugs and hardwood floors as well as tile and linoleum. It also has a convenient lift off hand vac for using in the car or on little areas that a regular size stick vacuum isn’t needed for.

You can also vacuum furniture with the handheld vac too.  There are onboard crevice tools that aide the user in reaching hard to get to spaces on corners, around furniture legs and along the edge of TVs and other electronics.

Easily carried up and downstairs, due to the light weight, you will also enjoy the bagless design that is easy to empty.

The 1.25 AMP motor cuts through dust, debris and other messes easily and makes cleanup a snap.  The reusable and rinseable filter keeps it running well and saves some money too since you don’t have to buy more.  The simple on/off switch, smooth-rolling wheels and convenient cord wrap are a few of the other features this great sick vacuum offers.

Dirt Devil is a well known brand and many people love their whole line of vacuums. This stick vacuum makes smaller jobs easy, and encourages even single college students to keep their floors clean when it’s this easy to use.

Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Review

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Why is it a Top Pick?

Here’s another great lightweight stick vacuum that customers are snapping up.  The removable handle makes the stick vac convert to a handheld vacuum easily for any above the floor cleaning you have to do such as on furniture, in vehicles, drapes, hard to reach corners and more.

The stick vacuum also comes with a handy wall mountable charging stand to keep it stored safe and out of the way. One of the biggest pluses to this vacuum is that it is cordless, so even though it needs to be charged, when in use, there are no cords to worry about plugging in or tripping over.

You got many options with this versatile stick vacuum.  You can turn on the brushroll to get a better and more efficient pickup of low pile carpeted areas and small throw rugs.  Make sure you turn the brush roll off when you’re vacuuming hardwood floors and linoleum or tile or dust and debris will get scattered.

Even more great benefits to the Eureka Quick-up 2-in-1 are that is bagless and has a washable dust cup filter too.  This not only saves money since there are no bags to buy but it saves time too because emptying the dust cup is super simple and quick.  Store the Eureka Quick-up in compact places by removing the handle, otherwise it can just stand upright when you’re not using it.

What are customers saying about the Eureka Quick-up Cordless?

Customers are saying great things about the Eureka Quick-up.  “This is a terrific value. Works on floors and fairly flat carpet.”  “The product was exactly what I needed for my studio apt, not bulky and cleans up great.” “Best vacuum I have ever experienced.”  “Easy to install, charges fast, light and good looking.”  With comments like these from thousands of satisfied customers, it’s easy to see why they like it. Easy to use, easy to store and easy to clean…the Eureka Quick-up is ready to handle your hardwood floors and more.

Top Rated Stick Vacuum Summary

Stick vacuums may not be able to handle the heavy duty vacuuming, but they are terrific for cleaning up in between major vacuuming days and work great on low pile carpet and hardwood floors. Any one of the three stick vacuums we have reviewed here do a thorough job on those smaller vacuuming jobs that don’t need a full size, heavy vacuum. Finding one that will work for you will be much easier with the know-how and information you have.

Stick Vacuum Buyers Guide

What is a Stick Vacuum?

Stick vacuums are smaller and lighter than a traditional household vacuum. They are also referred to as broom vacuums, not because they sweep the floor but because of the lightweight, simple “stick” design. They are the perfect size and power for small areas such as dorm rooms and do really well on hardwood floors and little area rugs. While they are not meant for thicker, plush carpets, you can use them on low pile varieties that are usually found in restaurants, offices and similar places.

There are several different styles and types of stick vacuums. Some are cordless and go on a charger between uses; others have regular power cords and can be converted into a handheld vacuum with ease. Before you begin your search for the right stick vacuum, you need to ask yourself a few questions that will steer you in the right direction.

What are Your Vacuum Needs?

Stick Vacuum1There are some vacuuming jobs that a stick vacuum just won’t be good for, due to the lighter weight and dirt capacity.  There are a few things that you need to think about when deciding on the right stick vacuum for your needs. These things are all circumstances where stick vacuums will be really good for cleaning.  If these things apply to you, a stick vacuum is your best choice.   We’ve outlined these points below.

  • Do you have a lot of wood, tile or linoleum floors?
  • Is the space you have to vacuum relatively small?
  • Will you be going up and down stairs frequently to vacuum?
  • Are you looking for an easy to handle vacuum for a restaurant or office?
  • Are you looking for a vacuum for a college student dorm room?

Stick vacuums are the perfect choice if any of the above situations apply to you.  Many people have more than one vacuum so there is nothing that says you can’t have both a stick vacuum and a larger, heavier duty household vacuuming for the big jobs.  Stick vacuums are usually so reasonable in price, getting one as a means of handling the smaller clean up jobs makes a lot of sense.

Be sure that you are not expecting a stick vacuum to have the cleaning ability and suction of a regular full sized household vacuum. They are not designed to have a ton of power and that is what makes them great as fill-in vacuums and vacuums for small areas (like a dorm room) Expecting a stick vacuum to have the same power as a regular one will only disappoint you.  They are designed for the small jobs, for when dragging a big heavy regular vacuum out of the closet is not convenient.  They were not designed to compete with or replace regular vacuums.

Common Stick Vacuum Features

 Cordless – Many styles of stick vacuums are cordless which provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to moving around. This feature is perfect for restaurants, offices, and dorm rooms.

Converts to a Hand Vac – Another common feature of stick vacuums is that they can either convert to a handheld vacuum by removing the handle or there is a detachable part that is a handheld.  This feature makes them great for cleaning vehicles, furniture, and for cleaning up tiny little messes that bringing a full sized vacuum out to do, is a nuisance.

Bagless – Most stick vacuums are bagless eliminating the need for buying replacement bags all the time.  The dirt/dust cups are usually small so they don’t hold a lot and will need to be emptied with each use, but removing them to empty is very easy and fast and makes clean up a breeze.

Lightweight – Stick vacuums are notoriously lightweight which makes them a favorite for taking up and down the stairs during cleaning.  Some models weigh as little as 3.5 pounds!

Cord Length – For the models that have cords, they can be short or long but the typical length seems to be around 20’ which is a good amount of leeway, especially for a small place.  The cord can be wound up around the cord keep for easy storage.  You want to be sure that the cord is long enough for you to be able to clean one entire room without having to change outlets.

Stick Vacuum Specifics

Stick Vacuum2AMPs – Amps measure the amount of current that is used by the motor.  Just because a vacuum has a higher amp it doesn’t necessarily mean the vacuum has more power.

Filter – The level of filtration a stick vacuum has varies from one style to another.  The vacuums that have filtration systems, especially HEPA filters, can cost more than those that don’t have it.  HEPA filters are great for reducing dust particles in the air which can help those who suffer from allergies.

Construction – Stick vacuums can be made from plastic or metal or a combination of the two.  Metal vacuums are more durable and last longer, but they are also heavier and cost more as well.

Brush Rollers – Most stick vacuums don’t have a brush roller system which is why they don’t do well on carpeted areas. Some have a means of either adding a brush roller or dropping one down from inside the mechanism. Brush rollers are for use on carpet not wood or tile floors so whenever you switch from carpeting to flooring be sure to lift or remove (whichever applies) the roller brush to avoid scattering dust and debris all over the room you’re trying to clean.

Edge Cleaner – Some styles of stick vacuums are built to be able to get right up against edges and clean them sufficiently.  This is to avoid having to use a broom and dustpan.  For the styles that have this edge cleaning capacity, users will find it is a great feature to have as it saves having to resort to brooms and dustpans.

Lighting – There are a few stick vacuums that have lights on the front of the base for additional visibility especially when vacuuming under furniture and beds.  Most models do not have this feature, so it’s nice when you can find a model with it.

Onboard Tools – Sometimes called crevice tools, these small attachments add other functions to the stick vacuum such as cleaning out window sills, ceiling corners, along baseboards, under couch cushions and more.  Some models have onboard tools included and others do not. Having these attachments makes the job a bit easier so if possible your stick vacuum should have this feature. Detachable tools include:

  • Detachable hose
  • Upholstery brushes
  • Hose extensions (for ceilings and crown molding)
  • Corner cleaners

Many units have a place to store all these attachments onto the vacuum itself. If not you can designate a place for the extra tools and keep them there at all times when not in use.

What to Look at When Comparing Stick Vacuums

Comparing one stick vacuum to another is how you can choose which one fits your needs the best.  There are a few points in which you should compare models against each other.  This is how you will tell what kind of stick vacuum you are actually getting compared to another model.  If you can’t try them out in person (which is very unlikely to happen) reading reviews like we have here are always a good choice to take a look at, to see how things are going and what people are saying about what you’re interested in.

Reliability, Quality and Cost

Stick vacuums range in price from very inexpensive to expensive but that depends largely on features, power and even brand name sometimes.  A higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a better product so be sure to do your homework and look at what each model offers, the reviews on that model and what the customers are saying about it.

A well constructed stick vacuum will be made of metal or hard plastic that is resistant to breakage.  Most, if not all stick vacuums come with a manufacturer’s warranty of some kind. Warranties are usually a minimum of 1 year but others offer 2 or 3 year warranties as well.  Stores or the seller should have a return policy as well to protect you against getting the vacuum home and hating it.  If this should happen, you should know the steps to get the product returned correctly.

Features and Attachments

This is another important area in which stick vacuums can be compared against each other.  Some features will cause the vacuum to be higher in price while others will not seem to affect the price at all.  Look to see if the models you’re comparing have attachments for additional cleaning capabilities, can they be turned into a handheld model and so on.  You want to make you choice based on the stick vacuum that most closely matches what you need it for.

You want to look for a stick vacuum that has at least a few basic attachments such as a crevice tool, brush and an extension wand.  These are the attachments that you will use most often and come in handy to have.  Not all stick vacuums come with attachments but there are many that do and those are the ones that make cleaning a bit easier. Trying to get into tight corners and crevices with a wide base or nozzle is not going to do the same job as one that has the capability to do a thorough cleaning.

Corded vs. Cordless – Which One is Best?

There are two types of power that a stick vacuum can use to operate: power cords and battery packs.  There are pros and cons to both types and we’ll go over that below so you can see the differences and benefits of both types.

Benefits of Corded Stick Vacuums

  • Not reliant upon batteries being charged
  • Tend to be more powerful
  • No batteries to buy

Cons of Corded Stick Vacuums

  • Cords can sometimes be too short
  • Has to have power to work
  • Not as easy to get around, especially vacuuming on the stairs

Benefits of Cordless Stick Vacuums

  • No cords to worry about
  • Easier to get around things
  • Makes vacuuming up or down stairs simple
  • Doesn’t need power to work once battery is fully charged

Cons of Cordless Stick Vacuums

  • Not as powerful as the corded varieties
  • Has to have batteries charged to work
  • Must buy replacement batteries
  • Only has about a 20 minute run time, more often, even less.

There are pros and cons to each kind which means it really boils down to personal preference and what you are specifically looking for.  For the person who wants as much power as possible during vacuuming, corded models will be the best bet.  If you’re looking for a vacuum you can use all over the house without worry about cords and outlets, the cordless models will be your choice. The best choice for you will be determined by the amount of usage you plan on having with it and how messy things usually are when you clean.

Ergonomics of Stick Vacuums

Stick Vacuum3Comfort is a factor when it comes to the type of stick vacuum you choose. Ergonomic handles, power controls higher up on the handle to avoid having to bend over a lot and other design factors all can make one style of vacuum stand out above another.

You can’t totally avoid having to bend over, but you can look for models that have ergonomics and comfort in mind when they design their vacuums. If you do a lot of cleaning you will be grateful that you do not have to constantly bend over to turn it on and off, switch attachments and use the hose.

Stick Vacuum Safety Tips

When using your vacuum, there are some basic safety guidelines that you should be aware of.  Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you are as safe as possible.  A lot of these safety tips will apply to corded styles.

  • When you’re not using your stick vacuum, make sure the cord is properly put away, whether it’s a retractable cord or a cord wrap variety. Don’t just toss the cord around it as it can get caught on things and break the wires within the cord or it can become tangled around other things wherever you’re storing it and it can cause those items to get pulled over onto the person who is trying to take the vacuum out of its storing place.
  • Only use your stick vacuum indoors. Wet/Dry vacuums are for indoor and outdoor use but stick vacuums are not and should only be used on carpets, wood floors, tile floors and linoleum.  It is also important to store them indoors.
  • Put the vacuum in its spot when not in use and DON’T leave it plugged in. Children can “play” housekeeper and get injured, people can trip on the cord or the vacuum itself and other mishaps.
  • Stick vacuums are not meant to vacuum up wet spills so save this for a wet/dry vac or use the old fashioned way and get some rags and clean it up that way FIRST. Vacuuming wet carpets or floors can damage the motor and also puts you at risk for getting shocked. If your vacuum has been exposed to water, it is much safer to have a technician take a look at it before using it again to avoid electrocution.
  • Never pull the plug out of the wall socket by the cord. This damages the cord and can cause shocks and break the wires in the cord.
  • All fingers and hands and feet should be kept away from all the powered moving parts such as the roller brush and bottom suction area. If you must check on something that you think you accidentally vacuumed up, shut the vacuum off, unplug it and wait for the roller to stop completely before checking it.
  • Stick vacuums may look like fun but they are not toys and younger children should not use them. Teens can use them as long as you go over the safety instructions and they are responsible enough to know how to use the vacuum safely.
  • Never vacuum toxic or flammable materials with a stick vacuum. If you’re not sure what substance is on the floor, check it out first before vacuuming.
  • Never vacuum up sharp objects with your stick vacuum. These include things like glass, nails, screws, coins and pieces of toys. As much of a hassle as it is, especially when you’re already vacuuming, stop and pick up the small pieces first, and then continue vacuuming.
  • Never operate a vacuum with wet hands. This can result in a hock as well.
  • Store the vacuum in a cool, dry location. Damp areas are not the place to store electrical tools of any kind, and this includes your stick vacuum.
  • When using a cordless, you still need to not vacuum up wet areas because of the damage to the motor that can occur.
  • Keep the charging unit for the stick vacuum in a safe, dry place and check for battery corrosion occasionally. This isn’t a usual problem but if the vacuum is rarely used and the area is damper than you realize, problems could develop.


With all of the information you have at your disposal here, you can search the available stick vacuums with confidence that you know what to look for and what the features are that are listed and so on. Having this knowledge ensures that you are not just guessing at which vacuum is best for you; you can actually use what you know to eliminate models that don’t fit the criteria you’re looking for. Stick vacuums can be a real boost to quick clean up jobs and making sure you buy one that you will love using make clean up much easier and better.