The Cuciniale portable kitchen uses AI to cook the meals to perfection

Fancy the world’s first artificially intelligent cooktop, that will ensure you never have to eat another badly cooked steak, risotto, or other meal again? Thanks to Cuciniale, such a dream is (almost) a reality.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the smart portable cooking system comprises an induction cooktop, multisensor probe and mobile app, promising to deliver top quality meals from the comfort of your own home.

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“People at home often struggle get food of consistent quality,” creator Holger Henke told Digital Trends. “One of the reasons for this is that food, as a natural product, varies. You get different sizes, fat content, firmness and so on. We are able to identify these natural variances and automatically and optimally set the heat and cooking time, taking all of this into consideration.”

Cuciniale lets users braise, boil, sauté, steam, deep-fry, and more — as well as modifying meals to fit their personal preferences. Using a multisensor wireless probe connected with a smart induction cooktop surface and app, you can check real-time updates on what you’re cooking. All that’s needed from the user is a bit of decision making early on, and then sitting back to be alerted of when their food is ready, or their dinner needs turning.

“For example, if you’re cooking a steak, you just choose the type of meat and how well you want it cooked,” Henke continued. “You don’t have to specify its weight, or whether it’s a T-bone steak or rib-eye steak. All of that is identified by the sensor and the artificial intelligence.”

Cuciniale is an attentive chef. Not only does it make note of the weight, size, structure, composition of fat, water, protein and carbohydrate content of your food, but it’ll also adjust heat and cooking time while it’s being prepared. It even comes preprogrammed with a library of more than 300 healthy recipes, so you shouldn’t be afflicted by a lack of inspiration after a busy day at the office.

The Cuciniale will eventually retail for $400, but early backers can get their hands on it for $167. Shipping’s planned for March next year — so do the right thing and give your favorite takeout six months’ notice that you’ll no longer be needing their services!