The La Jolla home features a roof reminiscent of a blooming lotus flower

While many $3.6 million homes exude a unique brand of extravagance and luxury, a house located a short drive north from downtown San Diego has one-of-a-kind style in absolute spades. Designed by renown organic architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, this unusual abode is set apart from its pricey SoCal neighbors by its roof, which is fashioned to resemble a blooming lotus flower. Originally built in 1978, this distinctive La Jolla-area home sits on just under an acre of land and boasts a gorgeous 300-degree ocean view.

A traditional symbol of divinity, purity, and beauty, Kellogg’s incorporation of the lotus flower was done at the behest of Dr. Samuel Yen, a renowned endocrinologist who employed the architect to design the home. Though Yen passed away in 2007, his beautiful 3,379 sq. ft. home just popped up on the San Diego real estate market at a whopping $3,688,000 — which breaks down to an insane $1,091 per square foot. As any fan of Kellogg’s work would likely attest, you aren’t simply paying for a place to live but rather, a piece of art.

The home’s exterior is a thing of beauty, no doubt, but its interior deserves just as much credit. Outfitted with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a library, sauna, and cozy family room, much of the house is full of gorgeous Douglas fir paneling set against concrete accents.

Each floor of the multi-level home makes optimal use of available space, and much of each level is open to the rest of the house. Additionally, owners need not be outside to enjoy the blooming lotus flower styling, as its opening is fashioned into a beautiful skylight that delivers an abundance of natural light.

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Rounding out the home’s many amenities are a concrete-clad fireplace, sweeping views of the ocean from either the home’s interior or on its expansive decks, and a beautifully-landscaped roundabout driveway. Though the price is downright wince-worthy, Kellogg’s peculiar architectural style makes this home an absolute splendor.

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