Wearable sunscreen dispenser will ensure that you’re perpetually sunblock-equipped

Making good use of the great outdoors is all but mandatory during the summer months, but equally important is protecting your skin while frolicking in the sun. You can now make sure that you’re always ready to fend off those harmful UV rays with SunZee, a wearable sunscreen dispenser. No, it won’t monitor your melanin or find your next sun-filled adventure, but it will ensure that you’re perpetually sunblock-equipped.

Designed to be worn on the wrist so it’s always in sight and within reach, the SunZee “takes sunscreen out of the bag and onto your wrist for on-the-go use.” Made of high-grade silicone with a metal clasp, this simple wearable lets you keep capsules of sunscreen on hand. To use it, simply press on the wristband, and sunscreen will be dispensed directly onto your fingertips. Each capsule contains two full doses of 40 SPF water-resistant sunscreen, perfect for any outdoorsman or -woman.The sunscreen itself is chemical free, applies easily to wet skin, and doesn’t burn your eyes or make your hands slick.

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The impetus behind the SunZee came from co-founders Nitsan Nir, Heday Kinarti, and Ori Ram’s mutual love for surfing, and a desire to protect their adventure-loving children from the potentially harmful rays of a powerful sun.

“We’ve been surfing and biking ever since we were kids. Over the last few years, we’ve come to realize that we are suffering from sun damage caused by unprotected exposure,” said Nir. “The issue wasn’t that we didn’t wear sunscreen, but that we weren’t reapplying it.”

But with the SunZee, application and reapplication becomes a breeze, even in the midst of all the excitement. After all, pressing a button on your wrist doesn’t require any big time commitment or break in activity.

Nir added: “SunZee is designed for everyone who enjoys spending time out in the sun, whether you surf, snowboard, or simply enjoy spending time with your kids in the park, the wristband is always within sight and within reach, so it’s super easy to reapply. It’s also a fun way to help educate kids about the importance of sunscreen.”

More than 400 backers have already pledged nearly $40,000 to help bring the SunZee to market, and if you’d like a SunZee of your own, they’re available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $45.